catholic identity of a school

The Archdiocese uses these Defining Characteristics to guide the everyday life of the school. In 1986, Prout became a diocesan high school, an agency of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence. Catholic Identity What does it mean to be a Catholic School when the majority of students are not Catholic? Learn how the Catholic School education encourages students to connect faith to daily life and participate in service learning opportunities. The schools of the Archdiocese of New Orleans are authentically Catholic schools, guided by the National Catholic Identity Standards.. In his delightfully engaging style, Joe invited his audience to reflect on their own experiences in order to identify for themselves what it means to be authentically Catholic. As we think about Catholic school identity … This, along with providing excellent academic programs to educate and prepare our students for higher learning is what sets a Catholic School apart. Realizing that a portion of my audience was made up of teachers who do not teach religion class, I focused on ways that teachers in any subject area can reinforce Catholic identity in their learning environment in the Catholic school. Catholic Identity Standards – Critical Questions. We hope this post will provide greater clarity as your family define’s its Catholic identity and how that identity … Holy Family Catholic School is accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA). These Standards are based upon research-based Defining Characteristics of Catholic Schools. Prout was founded by the Sisters of the Cross and Passion, a Roman Catholic religious order, in 1966. In a truly Catholic school, spiritual growth is an integral part of all instruction. Catholic Identity. The Catholic Identity standards below are integral to our identity as a Catholic School. “Catholic Identity” is a phrase that both adults and young people struggle to define. Recently I had the opportunity to listen to author and national consultant, Joe Paprocki, give a workshop on Catholic identity. We have created the following plan to ensure the safety of our staff, students, and families as we welcome them back to in-person instruction for the 2020-21 school … Even after the Gesu parish in North Philadelphia closed, Gesu School remained — as a matter of faith and social justice — to provide our mostly non-Catholic inner-city children with a … Our Catholic Identity. Its Catholic identity is an essential component of our school community as Catholic morals and values are emphasized through daily practice and prayer: Monthly Masses organized by students with guidance from their Religion Teacher. A Catholic school is more than just a school with religious symbols, texts and weekly Mass attendance. It must be attended to and nurtured. A significant element of the WCEA expectations is the foundational Catholic identity of the schools it accredits. Catholic Identity Curriculum Integration (CICI) was developed as a collaborative partnership formed to help teachers and school leaders develop curriculum that is truly Catholic and truly rigorous. It is the soul of our schools. Home | Student Life | Catholic Identity. The hallmark of a Catholic School is its Catholic Identity. Students at Saint Michael School are very involved with activities within the Parish and School community. I recently did a presentation on Catholic identity for the Catholic school teachers of the Diocese of Worcester, MA. Identity does not happen by itself as it seemed to when women and men religious staffed our schools. Catholic identity signifies our essence, our distinctive character, and our raison d’ etrè. Catholic Identity Please describe, in narrative form, how your school meets and/or exceeds the criteria listed below, and provide evidence for all that is described in the …

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