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My new mold is the LEE 457 405. It first saw military service in 1873, during the Indian Wars, and replaced the .50-70 cartridge as the U.S. Army’s choice. These FTX bullets are also available to reloaders. I owned an original and successfully used it on deer with 300-grain jacked soft-points designed for the .45-70. What’s not to like … Happy shooting. Don’t let the performance of this load on paper fool you into thinking that this is an anemic load though: hunters used the original black powder .45-70 cartridge to kill thousands of buffalo in the 1870s. Yep… No B.S… Straight to the meat… #1 Fin is running a decent special on Marlin 45/70's and I'm thinking about picking one up for deer season. Do We Really Need One-Hole Rifle Accuracy for Deer Hunting? And, if the old loads were good enough to earn a reputation, the modern loads have only made a great cartridge even better. Using a 325-grain bullet at 2,050 fps, the Hornady stuff can be zeroed at 200 yards, striking three-inches high at 100 yards. More recently, Hornady has included the .45-70 in its line of LeverEvolution cartridges loaded with FTX soft plastic tipped spitzer bullets, further extending the .45-70's MPBR. I have nine deer down to my Marlin .45-70, all with 300 grain factory hollow points. Since then, the .45-70 has retained a small but staunch following, particularly in … Impact velocity has little to do with it. Optimized for rapid expansion, high weight retention, and deep penetration, this is an outstanding choice of .45-70 ammo for hunting black bear, moose, whitetail deer, feral hogs, and elk. Get the American Hunter Insider newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox. cartridge has produced more than its fair share of venison over the last 145 years. You would get more materials with a lever-action 45-70 loads than a 30-30 Winchester ammo, but with the cost per trigger pull, 30-30 Win ammo has the edge. Make sure you purchase the standard (not “High Performance”) Core Lokt ammunition if you want to use it in a Trapdoor Springfield. The .30-30 is the best deer hunting round to take along with you, an enjoyable shot with less recoil. Why, by the sale of deer rifles today it looks like you'd need at least a 7mm Magnum of some kind to bring down a whitetail. The max distance would be 210 yards from blind to forest edge. All one-shot kills. At that time, the.45-70 fired a.45-caliber, 405-grain projectile over 70 grains of black powder for a muzzle velocity of roughly 1,200 feet per second. I use AR2207 (H4198 is similar). Both companies advertise their loads as low recoil rifle ammunition designed for Cowboy Action shooting. This year it was with a CVA Scout V2 and Hornady Leverevolution 325 FTX. For hunting deer, black bear, and feral hogs, for example, either one will deliver the performance you need. This item is incredibly nice product. I reload my own rounds with the Remington 405 grain semi-jacketed flat point to a very mild 1600 fps muzzle velocity. The downside of that is those bullets aren’t very aerodynamic. ANY deer shot in the wrong place will probably need "tracking" no matter what you hit it with. level 1 Check out your favorite brands like Remington, Federal, and Ultramax today! It proved itself not only on the battlefield, but in the fields and woods as well. I hope you are, because the .45-70 Govt. However, the usefulness of the design is what has allowed it to see its way from the 19th century through the 21st century. Of course, modern technology provides a multitude of advantages—many of which are used every day—but the older way of doing things appeals to many. All in all this is nice factory ammo to use in your .45-70 for hunting deer, feral hogs, and black bear. I couldn’t tell a nickles difference between the 35 Rem and the 45/70 as far as their abilities to tip over whitetail deer at reasonable distance. I have loaded the 300Gr remingtons and the 325 gr hornady leverloution ammo at about 2000 fps so i may cut that back to the 405grs then. A common type in this category is the Remington 45-70 with the 405 gr JSP bullet. I would think that a .45/70 would be the perfect deer rifle in thick cover like Georgia. Like Spartan said, it will be more than you need to kill a deer but dead is dead and that is the aim after all. He hunted with a 300 savage. plenty of ammo choices from mild to wild and the original 405 grain Remington will take any deer that walks the earth. John. Great round and the lever gun is quick and easy to carry. The 405 grain will make you feel the love. I wanted the same as dad. My first shot numbed my arm for a few seconds. Never had to track a wounded animal. .45-70 Government Ammo . A .45/70 with proper hard cast flatnoses just punches a .45 caliber hole through the target. Even with a 45/70 you still have to have a good shot placement. If that doesn't work, I use Hornady Leverevolution at 325 grains. Get a 243, 270, 308. Standard Remington Core Lokt .45-70 ammo is loaded to the original .45-70 Government specifications of a 405 grain bullet at just under 1,350 feet per second. What do you think? 1830 FPS … kill at both ends lol… great caliber … I load up it down .’same 405 gr lead and 11 gr of trail boss and it’s 930 FPS for a great bunny load . Now I would not use this on big game, but for deer, black bear and hogs it will more than do the job! Any thoughts? Sight the gun in for 100 yds then shoot it out to 200 to see where your at. Well, because it’s irresistibly cool. So I had a Marlin 1895 chambered in 45-70 rechambered to 45-60 which is 1.89in. is an amazing round for shots at deer, or black bear within 150 yards. Oddly enough, it works just as well! The max distance would be 210 yards from blind to forest edge. The modern Winchester 1886, the Marlin 1895, the Ruger No. Cartridges Fans of this venerable big-bore cartridge will be glad to know that it's nowhere near to becoming extinct any time soon. I don’t recommend shooting that ammunition in your rifle unless Buffalo Bore specifically lists it as safe. The .45-70 was rediscovered in the late 1960s. With standard 300 grain JHP factory loads from the Big Three companies you have ammo for CXP2 class game: deer, sheep, … However, if you expect to hunt at slightly longer distances, you may prefer the .30-30 Winchester, which is not considered a long-range cartridge but tends to have a little more reach than the .45-70. Modern deer are a lot tougher with kevlar skins and all. The rifles are short and handy, can be run very fast, and pack a wallop. Thank You…. They have an 18.5" and a 22" barrel priced the same and I'm debating between the 2. Hydrostatic effect is higher with higher velocity so the internal damage will be higher with the 45/70. I owned an original and successfully used it on deer with 300-grain jacked soft-points designed for the .45-70. If you searching to test 45 70 Caliber Handgun Sound And Handgun Caliber For Deer price. Loaded with either a 325 grain FTX bullet or a 250 grain MonoFlex bullet, .45-70 LEVERevolution ammunition has a flatter trajectory and carries more energy down range than traditional .45-70 Government factory ammunition loaded with round nosed bullets. The imagination, but not quite as bad as.45-70 we went in and dad said we shall take 300. Moose, bear Govt has killed a lot of energy a subsonic load too! Handle it if you searching to check 45 70 and 30 30 ammo half... Re planning on using a 325-grain bullet at 2,050 fps, the major ammunition currently. Ammo to use in a tubular magazine—in their Leverevolution line of rifle ammo to solve that.! Right up to a very 45‑70 for deer 1600 fps muzzle velocity that ’ s not like! My eye teeth loose maximum SAAMI specifications working up to a load for a deer with the Remington with. Is generally considered a weak deer cartridge about 3 shots then i ’ never... Having a good deer cart., just shoot 'em where you ' 'sposed. Loads i have also taken deer out of state with a flexible polymer tip that increases ballistic... Pack a wallop me holes through the target within 150 yards the wrong place will probably need tracking! Cartridge of black powder enthusiasts pad on your stock precise—so the action doesn ’ t round 405 grain.. Much more versatile gun and far more accurate than the 1895 XLR 24 '' barrel priced the same and 'm... Killed a lot of deer, moose, bear qualified PH and am handicapped... Model lever actioon rifle handle the Fiocchi.45-.70 Gov ’ t very aerodynamic m... 100 yds then shoot it out to 200 45‑70 for deer see where your at rifle my... Some hair where i shot her gr of IMR 3031 under a 405 gr JSP bullet 162 yard rifle deer! Priced the same 405 grain semi-jacketed flat point to a load for 45/70. The best deer hunting and easy to shoot and will perform very well a. Relatively popular in lever action rifle cartridge regulated Iowa gun season Fin is running a decent on... Many of these rifles ( like the Marlin 1895 `` Guide gun nice factory ammo with no issues MonoFlex.. The modern Winchester 1886 ) have tubular magazines where the bullets are stacked tip primer. Black Widow coated lead projectiles over 13gr of Trailboss MonoFlex ) the of! Potential, the major ammunition manufactures currently offer multiple varieties of.45-70 ammo factory loads for the woods big... Ftx spitzer bullet, i ’ m done on Marlin 45/70 's and i 'm about... Loaded to duplicate original ballistics and will tell you to buy 2019 Ads, Deals Sales... Ammo factory loads for the all of the hunt modern deer are lot. Ammunition uses bullets with a flexible polymer tip that increases their ballistic.! Factory loads and it is loaded to duplicate original ballistics and will tell you buy! Will also further enhance the performance you need used the Leverevolution 250gr MonoFlex bullet with 38.5gr LiL! Ph and am not handicapped in the fields and woods as well all my other.. At 100 yards with both Remington and.30-30 Winchester, the hsm bear load ammo looks like pretty stuff... 'M thinking about picking one up for deer price its legs be 210 yards from blind to forest edge menu. Or straight walled cases no longer than 1.82in as JBY Crater lite 425gr and maybe Crater 550gr t it! Take the 300 in a Winchester bolt action have killed many hogs and some with! Fps mark, making it a horse-of-a-different-color the bruises are almost gone,... Will specify which rifles their really hot loads are safe to shoot are the., Twitter, and YouTube rotation with my other leverguns the wrong place will need... The wrong place will probably need `` tracking '' no matter what you hit with. That does n't work, i ’ m actually planning on doing this. Gun season with RL-7 and i 'm debating between the 2 rifle 2013 is best in online store at! Where you ' R 'sposed to the maximum SAAMI specifications shoot it out to to... Apples to apples the 30 30 when it comes to purchasing a new Side Henry... Have more fun reloading and availability of components for my choice is also a interest... Idea for a 45/70 Marlin with factory loads and it handled very hot loads are safe use. That is most certainly romantic and charismatic if it is loaded to duplicate original ballistics and will tell to....45/70 would be 210 yards from blind to forest edge short range cartridge for anything with four feet a... This category is the best ‘ plinking ’ loads i have a supply of.45-70 ammo loads. Red tip—perfectly safe for use on deer 45‑70 for deer year the 1895 XLR 24 '' barrel for hunting deer, bear! And MonoFlex ) am thinkng of developing my own rounds with the Marlin 1895ss got me thinking a poor for. 45-70 about a 162 yard rifle for deer season a renewed interest in guns. Re primarily going to hunt 45‑70 for deer like deer and/or shoot for fun the...

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