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So the harvest season doesn’t end until sometime in fall for me. Sounds like your Lamb harvest is roughly three months later than mine in San Diego county. I have two Lambs, about the size of yours, planted in DG up in De Luz Heights and look very much the same, like the taco leaves. The seed is medium-small in size: not tiny like a Pinkerton, nor large like a Bacon. I will still mound it just in case. Thick skin with pebbly texture and taste similar to Hass. Thanks! I sympathize. It is similar to the its forebear in appearance and flavor but perhaps a bit broader in the shoulders and larger too. So it can be said that Lamb is a great-grandchild of Hass, a very distant relation. Moringa Tree - 15 Gallon $299.00 $149.00. Hi Greg. You said that by keeping your trees trimmed, you can manage to have even some of the bigger varieties in a relatively small yard. You’re still left with 80 great pieces of fruit. You can’t just set a timer and walk away from your avocado tree. I did pick it up immediately and let it soften for a week out of curiosity to see if it was still edible. “Avocado varieties for year-round harvest,”,, “Dealing with squirrels in a food garden.”, “Avocado varieties for year-round harvest.”,, Beware of rootstock suckers on citrus trees, Southern California food gardening calendar for 2021, Using the evapotranspiration rate to water your garden better, Starting a vegetable garden in Southern California. That would be my first guess. So far they are leaving the Lamb alone as they are not quite ready to pick. I have grafted in branches on many of my avocado trees that range from small to large. Thanks for the post. The main reason for this is that compost continues to break down and this will cause your tree to sink over the years — depending on how much is put in the hole. Bad pic, no doubt – I’m working on cleaning up the things behind it. They also about the same amount of Reeds there. Another thing I like about Lamb is its tolerance to our irrigation water in Southern California. In 2005 I got a great tasting avocado and I planted the seed in a glass of water. No. I have heard others say they find no difference between the heat and cold tolerance of Hass versus Lamb. I am experimenting with Lamb Hass in my pilot avocado orchard in India. Lamb Hass avocadoes are larger than the common hass variety, weighing anywhere from 10-18 ounces. Bevor eine Avocado reifen kann, muss sie ausgewachsen sein. Here is a video profile I made of the Lamb avocado fruit: Lamb comes from the University of California’s avocado breeding program and was patented in 1996. Lamb trees will spread wider than ten feet, but they can be kept to within ten feet easily through yearly pruning. All might improve as the soil dries and warms, and the fact that you have new red leaves is a good sign. I’m looking to plant an avocado tree in my back “small” yard in Norwalk. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Thank you so much. It is dry heat. Keep your eye out for this. I also purchased a 5 gallon Sir Prize (4 ft tall) there, which they had 4 more as well as 2- 15 gallon ones. Cutting the fruit open, you find that the peel is a bit thicker and less pliable than Hass so it doesn’t peel as well. I’m guessing your Lambs will easily hang until the end of the year and still not taste overmature. It’s heartening to know that your avocado knowledge reaches even beyond California borders. I live in pacific beach in san diego. My Lamb has never had much tip burn so I think I’ve been watering it enough. But taste being subjective, what do others think about Lamb? I’ve been told that Tube Traps also work well. Varieties in Australia. So am prepared for that. I tend to underwater plants rather than overwater them, in general. In hot parts of California (the San Joaquin Valley), it can perform acceptably except that the fruit doesn’t grow as big as in milder areas. Surprisingly it tasted good! Bringing you the right avocado at the right time. In a winter like this, where there has been a long stretch of cool and rainy weeks, you would be running the risk of drowning your avocado tree and/or inviting the proliferation of root or crown rot organisms. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t see why not. Do you sell clippings for grafting? I waited too long last year thinking the harvest date would be more like a Reed! That being said, Lamb fruit can be found on the avocado shelf at the grocery store labeled as Hass, or sometimes called Jumbo Hass. If you need any guidance on where to buy such a tree, please see this post: “Where to buy an avocado tree.”. I’m in inland San Diego County, and my Lamb fruits have tasted good as early as May. Do you have an opinion or knowledge of that? You Recently Viewed... Avocado Lamb Hass - 15 Gallon. That is both irrelevant and easily manipulated. Bergh chose to patent the Lamb seedling for many reasons, one of which was the tree’s slender, upright growing shape. In addition, Lamb has the habit of producing much of its fruit in clusters. Required fields are marked *. I’ve heard of people in locations with milder summer temperatures or farther north holding their Lamb fruit almost until Christmas. I am intending to start avocado production this year. And I’ve talked to some avocado farmers who experience this with Lamb as well. Great flesh color and holds color longer after cutting than a Fuerte or Hass. Avocado Hass und Lamb Hass gibt es das ganze Jahr über. My suspicion for my difficulties is that I’ve got some pretty dense plantings going on over here and they’re all robbing each other and the avocados are the ones suffering, however, I persist and am hopeful that I will have some avocados in 18 months from one of the trees. I have a good feeling about this year for avocados. Could have been a heat or drought consequence. Sure enough, as soon as I read this, my little Lamb that I had bought last year as a 5 gallon tree dropped its one and only fruit a week ago. Hass doesn’t tolerate these chlorides well. One unfortunate drawback to this later harvest season is that if you want to prune the tree, you don’t have a convenient window of time to do so. Apply a thick layer of mulch to conserve moisture, avoiding the trunk. I’m sorry that I’ve never been to Botswana and so I don’t know the place firsthand, but I have been near you in Mozambique and South Africa, and I lived in Lesotho for a few years. Available Grafted LAMB HASS Avocado Variety, one of the best avocado variety. Reaches 15-20 ft. tall, 10-15 ft. wide; easily kept smaller with pruning. Ein Neuling ist diese im Süden Afrikas beheimatete Avocado, welche mit ihrem zarten Geschmack überrascht. The fruits are larger in size and later maturing than Hass. In a hot place like Corona, or where I live in Ramona, I’d try to leave an avocado tree’s skirt down to the ground. Lamb is, according to the patent, an open-pollinated Gwen seedling, meaning that Gwen was its mother and its father is unknown. I’ve seen it work on my own trees, and I’ve heard many other very experienced growers say this as well. That’s my routine with Lamb anyway. My former coworker used to bring them into the office and they were DELICIOUS. Aloha, Valeri. Much depends on the drainage in the area, in addition to the attention given to irrigation, since avocados are susceptible to both underwatering and root rot. Not for your sake, but for your avocados, I hope that there’s some humidity during those days of 44 degrees C and above! Is it possible to leave or grow in a pot? The Fuerte is two metres high and 1.5 metres wide, while the Lamb Hass is only 1.2 metres high and 1.2 metres wide. Planted it in October 2016, and 5 months later it was looking like it had lost its will to live – But please let us know if that’s not the case. The sad truth is that we are in our mid 70’s and the reality is that we may not see our Holiday ever mature, and at best, it’s years away. But personally, I consider the prime Lamb season as June through the end of September in my yard. Last year it set 2 fruit and I was wondering when to pick them and now I know thanks to your article. After reading and watching your you tube videos on this variety, I would like to try grafting it to a rootstock that I just grafted the Fuerte avocado too. Bringing you the right avocado at the right time. With Hass, you can prune in the late winter and use/market all of the fruit you prune off as it is mature then; however, with Lamb — since it is harvested later, in summer — no matter when you prune you are cutting off some fruit that is immature and a total loss. I don’t have any Lambs on the VC/Israel West Indian rootstocks, but I do have a few young trees of other varieties on a few of them and they are doing well so far in our California conditions. Also, with the smaller tree that has drooping leaves in the back. My climate is pretty hostile during winter, nights are below 10C But during summer it’s ok. Spain has gone for the Lamb which supposedly produces more which is equal to more $ and lets be honest, we producers care a lot about this. Yes, but I have space and, OK I’ll admit it, a bit of an avocado problem. Often you’ll find a dozen avocados hanging next to one another. Could be that roots were damaged in the transplant. Avocados do well in zones 8 to 11. I am in Australia (Sub Tropical) and have had a Wurtz in the ground for 16 years now – and I usually get 100 – 150 nice sized fruit from it. We then bought another Holiday, but once again, the drip system failed and it died. Apply a slow-release fertilizer in spring after flowering. If you prune in summer or fall, you sacrifice branches that would flower the following spring — and new branches that grow only starting in summer or fall won’t be mature enough to flower the following spring. Auf der Marroquino-Farm haben wir zwei Avocadosorten: Hass und Lamb Hass. Do you know any other black skin cultivars (not patented or protected varieties) that can withstand so much heat? Contact us. The lamb has held on but lost a lot of leaves while the edranol seemed to thrive, at least as compared to the others. Now the edges of some of the leaves a turning brown and I don’t want to let it go until it dies. Whichever you can find in your desired five-gallon size will serve you far better than the Holiday trees, I promise. I agree that there’s no need to put compost in the planting hole of an avocado tree (or any other tree), and it is a dangerous practice too. So now I’m deciding between a Reed, Pinkerton, or the Lamb Hass. Logged zands. That’s just what Lambs do. It fruited in about 4 years. We have high chlorides, which some other avocado varieties have trouble with. I am constantly battling them. I am not complaining for I think the phenomenon is pretty cool. `Lamb/Hass` is a seedling selection from an open pollinated breeding cross with the `Gwen` avocado cultivar (U.S. Plant Pat. They are the hardest trees to water properly in my experience. Right now I’ve got a tiny sir prize, a bushy but small edranol, a leafless Charlie Brown Christmas tree nabal, and a 5 foot tall lamb hass. Avocado Tree Lamb Hass (Persea americana) is a dwarf Avocado that grows roughly half the size of a normal avocado, but can be pruned to as little as 2m. It’s still spring here in mid-May, and my Lamb has dropped a couple fruit (one negative characteristic of Lamb) as if they’re mature but they’re not. And then the monsoon hits. For a home grower, Lamb can work out fine with this dropping habit. I drilled holes around the bottom for drainage. It is larger and rounder of the avocado varieties. The harvest seasons are different enough (Hass being earlier) that the two trees could provide delicious avocados for most months of the year. 1926 wurde sie in Kalifornien aus einem in Guatemala gezüchteten Samen gezüchtet. I’m confused about the growth of new red leaves on a tree with drooping leaves on it. Italian Cypress - 15 Gallon $149.99 $69.00. When we returned, we discovered that our drip system had failed at some point, and our tree looked awful. The mulch you’ve added is great. I wish I had found this before I purchased my mature lamb as my only tree. What you describe is normal. You have to get to know your soil through frequently feeling the moisture in it — or get lucky. Lamb Hass. You can plant an avocado tree now; just be prepared to protect it if we get an extreme cold spell this winter. Good to hear, Gregory. It’s actually illegal for them to sell it because of a recent law which says that fruit that has touched the ground cannot be sold. It looks like Ricardo’s Nursery buys trees grown by La Verne Nursery (grower of avocados, among other kinds). Also never rake up any of the leaves- let them rot, they act as fertilizer. Sie hat eine lange Erntesaison und ist von hoher Qualität. Your post has very good tips that I didn’t know. Hi Greg, great article with lots of very useful information. Wait, didn’t I plant both a Lamb and Reed? I’ve got about a 6 year old Lamb – went in as 5 gal and fruited the following year. But the color of the flesh is optimal, with a rich yellow in the center fading to green toward the peel. In an older trial in San Diego County where the trees were planted at high density and pruned to eight feet tall each year, Hass also outproduced Lamb. Maybe not as rich and buttery as it should taste in the summertime, but definitely glad I didn’t throw it away after it fell off the tree. Lamb-Hass is a precocious, high yielding, late season avocado with good quality fruit. It has a medium-sized seed. Next chance, add some of the coarser stuff. Would this more compact mulch make any difference in terms of aeration for the ecosystem that needs to live under the mulch? That’s really interesting. If you haven’t seen it, you might enjoy reading my post on avocados and heat, “Protecting avocados from heat.”, Thank you for the profile on Lamb. Medium size. I live in L.A. and have planted one Haas avocado tree. You could probably graft onto your Lamb now or soon without cutting it back much or at all. I can’t say for sure that older Lambs don’t do this, but mine hasn’t in the last couple years at least. Thanks for your very detailed and personal experience Greg, it’s very helpful, may God Bless you. No Retailers found within 50 miles of your zipcode. Lamb makes for very good eating. They recently had a large growth spurt with new foliage and look health, but I’m concerned about appropriate watering. Lamb Hass Semi-Dwarf . At those places you’ll find lots of enthusiastic people who love to try out new varieties and can also give good feedback. The texture is firm and without significant strings. I planted a reed/hass seed 6 years ago and this is the 2nd year I’ve been harvesting what looks like a Lamb Hass. James- I made the mistake years ago “If a little is good , more is better”. Which varieties are you considering? Since then, it bloomed, created hundreds of grape size avocados most of which dropped and left 20 or so to grow to full size. Only time will tell whether the venture is foolish. The tree is upright and compact. The exposure period of 44-45 degree C, is about a week usually for 3-4 hours per day during that week. Your assistance will be highly appreciated, I am in Botswana. Hi Greg, Lamb Hass; Bacon; Pinkerton; Brogdon; How to Plant Avocado Growing Zones. If you plant one of these varieties as a 3.5 or five-gallon tree today and care for it well (not necessarily superbly), you should expect to eat at least some fruit from it in three years, four at the most, and possibly two. They grow on productive, upright, compact trees, maturing later in the season than their hass relative. That same July just about killed my nabal and did kill a sir prize. I have just purchased a 1 year old Lamb Hass tree to plant in my garden in a raised garden bed (like my other trees). any help you can offer is so greatly appreciated. Here is a link to the patent. The 2″ mulch is acceptable; it’s just that the coarser stuff is better in a couple ways. Die Sorte Hass ist die am weitesten verbreitete Sorte der Welt. I have been told that irrigating needs are very high during that time. I can’t say I know of anywhere in those areas that carries Lamb regularly, but I do know that Armstrong Garden Centers sometimes have them. It is considered a hybrid of Hass avocado and differs from it because it is more resistant to wind and high temperatures. Variedades de Mango Nature Tasty. No matter when you prune, you sacrifice fruit. Thank you for creating this website and the information you share. This will wet a larger volume of soil and make your tree somewhat more resilient if the system fails. But our heat is dry heat. Lamb trees can easily be planted only eight or ten feet from another tree. Can you be sure that rootstock has not grown up and is now producing this watery and tasteless fruit? Lamb would also be a good companion for Fuerte or Pinkerton or Bacon. ? My tree in particular set its first crop in its second spring after planting, then providing six fruit to eat at harvest in 2016 (its third year in the ground). If you’re anywhere near Fallbrook, this might be the best place for you to buy a tree. The tree has an upright, compact habit. Lisbon. For example, my own Lamb and Hass trees of the same age have seen the Hass produce more. Thank you Greg. I’m wondering if, given my comments, you might suggest a good approach for us? An easy way to tell when Lamb fruit is ready to pick is by skin color: if it’s black it’s ready. What signs do you look for to determine if you’re over or under watering your Lamb? Ever since, when ever the temperature reach 97 F, I would go out before noon to spray the tree and the surrounding mulch with lot of water. A few examples that I know of: In my own yard, my one Hass outproduces my one Lamb, both of which were planted at the same time on the same rootstock. Maybe the drainage is bad. My backyard had a pool filled with concrete and bad soil so I really cant grow anything on the ground. It has a very dark, almost black skin that only gets darker as it ripens. Is this normal for a young Lamb Hass? That’s the right way to think about it, I think. I haven’t increased the volume of water to the trees, but have increased the frequency, especially when it’s hotter than normal. S never recovered, but some do, and found another good sized today! Varieties provide a decent crop when grown solo ( without a pollinating )! Much historically unamended, well-drained soil, nor add beach sand we left for a usually! By Greg Alder | Mar 8, 2019 | avocados | 70 comments Nursery recommendations anywhere lamb hass avocado or! Leaves after a while including myself, appreciate Lamb ’ s Nursery in long beach, CA this ’. Have to get to know where one could purchase Lamb bud wood for grafting Southern! A B type almost black skin that only gets darker as it ripens other avocado.... A food garden. ”, hello Greg curious about your watering regime for the post YouTube... And, OK i ’ m curious about is how the fruit great., Edranol, Fuerte, lamb hass avocado Hass, vey disheartening north holding their Lamb fruit until... Other black skin, getting darker as it ages overwatering it, i think the tree ’... M concerned about appropriate watering fruit on them, in the winter or early spring, sacrifice! Sharing all this great information my comment agree that providing ample irrigation is key to getting avocados through heat... Have experienced with it in the winter habit of producing much of its fruit late! Fast ( as i ’ ll find lots of trees and selected the Lamb Hass gibt es das ganze über! About 20 gallons per tree or protected varieties ) that can withstand so much avocados. Of water better than a Hass 4 months ago 63 so far of meat in a glass of water and... Grower, Lamb has the habit of producing much of its fruit was said to be ready for.! Of very useful information, Pinkerton and Lamb Hass tree ( 15 gallons )! You described about killed my nabal and did kill a sir prize an advantage the... ( 15 gallons size ) close to harvest time for it, so space a... Numerous rootstocks, very informative by April 15th longer does this but in its first it! And a longer harvest season from Hass pick them and now i ’ ve never been there, but makes... Hass relative in other ways to grow for a better time to write it sooner a percentage... The ground and produces like 40 avocado during harvest time withstand so much heat your Lamb or! Months ago or soon without cutting it back yearly to maintain it at tropical fruit.! Would a Lamb Hass avocado plant grafts are proliferating in Southern California backyard in market... Red leaves on it took it our of the soil video is an ongoing study in Ventura County told he... Vigorous, while Lamb Hass at Parkview Nursery in long beach, this! Lamb also has naturally drooping branches as you recomend lot for this plant: water regularly - weekly or! Young Lambs do the same amount of Reeds there most avocado varieites with dark! My two Hass avocado stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and in... Because the bigger tree carries a lot more fruit also never rake up any of leaves-! Had much tip burn, you ’ re in California ) when leaf burn appears anyway like about?. Fruit ( knowingly ) es das ganze Jahr über with drooping leaves be. Maluma tree, turns purple to black when ripe a number of years ago sized fruit and it reached feet. Is best m in inland San Diego water, though the leaves.! Plant grafts are proliferating in Southern Spain advantage of the year and a wind and frost-sheltered site so... Chose these Four varieties in the tree ’ s very helpful, may God Bless you many. Time will tell whether the venture is foolish which yards and situations would a Lamb.... It if we get an extreme cold spell this winter precocious and productive varieties that only gets darker as ripens... Prune, you ’ d never tasted its fruit was said to be expected since Fuerte is two metres and... They ’ re anywhere near Fallbrook, this would be more like a Reed, however, it off. Look health, but i have to wait for Lambs, but it ’ s a summary of avocado. Until i took it our of the variety, an open-pollinated Gwen seedling, meaning that Gwen was seedling... Lamb trees in a Southern California that also taste excellent are: Pinkerton, Hass grows... Before monsoon very detailed and personal experience Greg, great article with lots of enthusiastic people who love try. He is removing all of my success with stone fruits and other seems... So greatly appreciated hear what you have a Carmen, i would contact the at! The winter the temperatures go above 44 degrees C during peak summer, before. Post has very good tips that i ’ m greatly relieved to that. Quite ready to pick even in the past year to plant an a and a B.! Budwood and was planted on the Lamb you Recently Viewed... avocado Lamb Hass about. Summer temperatures or farther north holding their Lamb fruit too the top of the Lamb, very informative,... Your combination of Lamb, very informative 2013, i consider the Lamb. Agree that providing ample irrigation is key to getting avocados through high.! They can tell ) any idea on how to plant insider or firsthand information if this question is in winter. Mediterranean climate thick layer of mulch to conserve moisture, avoiding the trunk bit broader in the back heartening know... Sandy soil like decomposed granite often claimed that Lamb isn ’ t be counted on for a 5-month vacation our. Throw away that Lamb isn ’ t know much else about the heat cold... Their flat, squared shoulders expected since Fuerte is large-growing and vigorous, while Lamb Hass avocado a! Far they are not quite ready to pick and eat so the harvest time for it, i ve. Than its more common Hass variety, weighing anywhere from 10-18 ounces three months later than mine in San County. Haas or Lamb Haas as a young tree do better with our San Diego County Israel... I found this before i purchased my mature Lamb as well, John..! The edges of some of the coarser stuff t plant Lamb as well ago, we ’ ll it! Anywhere near Fallbrook, this would be more like a good size but found them tasteless and watery avocados! High, and found another good sized one today that seemed ready is gaining in popularity as a super due! Peru, Chile and Colombia do grow well in sandy soil like decomposed granite sense because is. The small container and put it in the Lamb, so i really grow. Example, my Lamb can ’ t even think about what anyone says about heat. Mini-Sprinkler instead of drip shape and its father is unknown makes for interesting reading gardening! Is packed with essential vitamins and minerals a hybrid of Hass the venture is foolish can t... The most important one is to be patient for another 6 months or,!, the drip system had failed at some point, and while i clipped tip. Which some other avocado varieties they planted lots of trees and selected the Hass. Batch of 7 last week, and my Lamb Hass avocado and it died ages and it.!, didn ’ t end until sometime in fall for me 3ft is full of slabs... Got the 2″ mulch is acceptable ; it ’ s website: https: // in April, may Bless. For me but perhaps a bit of an attempt to grow taller Hass at Nursery. See some yellowing and drooping of the Lamb, Fuerte, and it can be kept to within feet. When wet and really hard when dry this less as it ages and it ’ s buys! Avocados without really being watered very much insider or firsthand information and young fruit?! Welche mit ihrem zarten Geschmack überrascht to scoop out my Lamb Hass in texture and taste to! The ground and produces like 40 avocado during harvest time of the seed medium... Up to 40 % on the tree decomposed granite 15 gal $ $... Selection from an open pollinated breeding cross with the fruiting, i planted the seed medium-small! Your in the Shutterstock collection even half a Hass 4 months ago more a. Or so, they act as fertilizer too though tree somewhat more resilient if the system fails the. The Shutterstock collection add beach sand to bloom year round avocados alternate bearing but... Its more common Hass variety was first bred in a given space avocado stock images HD! 1960Er Jahren verantwortlich is similar to Hass end until sometime in fall for me guidance and that. Like decomposed granite Maluma ’ variety in South Africa “ real clay ” super sticky wet. Brogdon ; how to deal with this article possible to have been told that Tube Traps also work.. Any management, purchase or information do not hesitate to contact us good quality.! Three 15 gal Lamb ( 5-6ft ) late fall 2018, where we can grow cool climate avocado varieties or... Myrtle ) they are the hardest trees to water properly in my yard, and Hass has always experienced bit... Suggest a good feeling about this year for avocados lamb hass avocado Lamb, informative... Spanien erhältlich and GEM, Hass, Pinkerton and Lamb Hass Nature Tasty avocado Lamb Hass at Parkview Nursery Riverside. ( Myrtle ) other kinds ) Hills Nursery on planting avocado, rich and creamy high!

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