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Genderqueer and nonbinary lesbians are wonderful.") Grand! Gender neutral pronouns other than they/them have existed in the English language for actual centuries. Neopronouns are not a “tumblr fad”. Since this blog is on a “break” and I came across this blessed post, here’s some lesbian positivity from a nonbinary person trying to figure out imps sexuality!! I’ve added them to the list <33 love them. lucro-fox liked this . nixefluix: fluid/flux between agender man, nonbinary man, and rarely binary man. Original Tumblr post Welcome to this year’s worldwide report based on the 24,576 responses to the Gender Census, which ran from 12th February until 7th April 2020. panromantic, demiromantic etc. Absolutely don’t stop trying to share and educate your fellow cis people! I specialize in conventional neopronouns, but nounself and emojiself pronouns are also beautiful and people who do not respect them are not welcome here. it’s a form of rebellion against traditional gender ideals. Nya had to force back a laugh as nyas friend scanned the area for nya, completely missing nyas position. !- This list contains about every pronoun I could find. Hello! cat/cat/cats | request a neopronoun drabble. Jan 25, 2014. could I request a flag for a gender related to deers but functioning extremely energetically and often going on and off. him becomes himself. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Many more neopronouns exist than binary pronouns, and you can check out a list of neopronouns here. You can see the spreadsheet of results in full here, which might be helpful if you need to see … Pronouns are also always written out in that order, ex. <3 I appreciate your support and willingness to learn. All anon hate will be deleted by mods. 345 notes Well no, there are some that are extremely disrespectful. App/site for auto-replacing pronouns in writing, Another pronoun game, based on Welcome to Nightvale. only intersex people can reclaim and use "herm". I am cis and an old-school editor/grammarian, but eager to learn respectful ways of referring to people as they wish., This project is now a continual work in progress because of that, but is fairly complete. he/him/his, rather than he/his/him. Not only to find the public resurgence of this topic that’s very important to me, but also because it’s nice to see a 72 year old linguist who has put such sensitive and dedicated effort into it, putting a perspective on both women’s and nonbinary rights in gendered language. he & she mashups note: only transgender people can reclaim and use "heshe". tor pronoun anon again!! The flag is used by the blog yourfave-uses-neopronouns. Hey! ive created some pronouns for myself and i thought, what better place to share them than here? a subversigender person feels they will never conform to a ‘normal’ or ‘expected’ gender, and they prefer to present as shocking as possible. Sapphic is the only gendered term I'm comfortable with. I'm stellarian nonbinary, and more specifically my gender can be described as queer or aporagender. 14,251 notes. any set of neopronouns! Many thanks to oldbore and verysmallbird for pointing out the triggers and problematic bits of the first two texts The term “neopronouns” tends to refer to pronoun sets developed from the 20th century (or sometimes 19th century) to today. Here is a sample list of criteria you could consider. Cat plopped onto the fresh grass, not minding the way it brushed against cats skin. List of neopronouns; List of [gender]-loving-[gender]/juvelic terms in a handy chart; List of genders; a very long list of genders; a list of gender lists; Transgender Studies Quarterly 2014-2020 [google drive folder] Art commission info; resources for religious queers: Muslim: I Am Not Haraam; Jewish: TransTorah, Keshet; Christian: Hope Remains ot/ott/otts/otts/ottself (rhymes with "not"), nix/nix/niz/niz/nixself (rhymes with "fix" and "fizz"), i think they're pretty cool, and i wanted to put them out there for anyone who'd want to use them as well. Limited to neopronouns and some some smaller nounself pronouns. ey/em/eirs ze/hir/hirs they/them/theirs. The green and orange neopronoun flag was designed by Tumblr user Ferns-Garden/Beanjamoose on or before Jul 1, 2019. This is a gender centered around feelings of frenzyness and energy! This is not either of the mods main account so it may take them a few days to see your request. emojis? If you ever have particular questions don’t be afraid to ask, though I can be a slow responder about non-urgent things at times. Poc + enby? Most flags for mogai sexualities- no hate but the mods do not really understand this. zeros been playing around with the idea of using void/voidself pronouns! vir? all pronouns are good pronouns if they work for you! where your gender simply feels blank, but feels looser and less rigid. Blue is for older pronoun sets and the history behind them. nya/nya/nyas | request a neopronoun drabble. my next steps will include making sure i add everything on pronoun-provider’s list, and that i queue the huge amount of drafts i have and then add everything from those. I love how you are creating options beyond they/them. magical! Please read the … Fuck Yeah Neopronouns! Nounself pronouns are a type of neopronouns that are clearly derived from a preexisting word or words to be used as a gender neutral pronoun set. somewhat active as of right now! Think about what traits matter to you, even if they are not on this list. you, user of neopronouns! Closing cats eyes, cat smiled a bit, letting the warm breeze wash over catself for a moment before opening cats eyes again and watching the clouds drift across the golden sky above. White is for non-binary identifying people who us… yourfave-uses-neopronouns. Pronoun Dressing Room written and maintained by failedslacker.. Pronoun closet based on Ask a Non-Binary's pronoun masterlist.. feline-themed: ail/ailo/ailous/ailouself If anyone has requests I’d like some asks to answer tomorrow :]], i didn’t know boygender was a thing that’s kind of me. note: some pronoun guides are temporarily out of service while I do blog maintenance! vulpacagender: a gender that is related to foxes, but is more quiet and less hectic. juxefluix: fluid/flux between agender woman, nonbinary woman, and rarely binary woman, (“He asked for a tea set for his birthday, but I told him to get one himself.”), “Re asked for a tea set for reds birthday, but I told red to get one redself.”, “Or asked for a tea set for orange birthday, but I told ora to get one orangeself.”, “Ye asked for a tea set for yellow birthday, but I told yel to get one yellowself.”, “Gree asked for a tea set for greens birthday, but I told green to get one greenself.”, “Blu asked for a tea set for blues birthday, but I told blue to get one blueself.”, “Pur asked for a tea set for purple birthday, but I told purp to get one purpself.”, “Rai asked for a tea set for rainbow birthday, but I told rain to get one rainself.”, “Ne asked for a tea set for neon birthday, but I told neo to get one neonself.”, “Pa asked for a tea set for pastel birthday, but I told pas to get one pastelself.”, “Co asked for a tea set for color birthday, but I told col to get one colorself.”, - Suggest a pronoun by sending me an ask or messaging me, Thank you for 45 followers!! Copy this list into another document, and write numbers next to the criteria to rank them by their priority to you. no identity is invalid based on pronouns! also, for trying these out, you can use this website (or send the full set to me & i can do a validation for you). For e.g. If you know of any GN pronouns feel free to reblog and add unto the list and i’ll edit the original as well c: I removed some of the pronouns because some of them were themed! Only interact to learn, if you are: exclusionist, truscum, transmed, “pro-ship”, DNI: radfems/T(W)ERFs, racists, antisemites, ableists, Dennis Baron (he/him/his), a University of Illinois professor emeritus of English, writes about the history of pronoun use and how we adapt, Addressing one of the most pressing cultural questions of our generation, Dennis Baron reveals the untold story of how we got from he

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