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This is a generalized recipe that works for cooking all portions of a lamb. Serves: 3 Hands-on: 15 minutes Total: 2 hours 15 minutes Difficulty: Easy. While going through the ingredients list, don’t be disheartened to find the “Chicken Broth” in it if you are a vegetarian! You can double the number of ingredients for serving 8 people or store some of it for yourself (wink, wink!) Stir well. First, you need to wash the rice before putting it inside the cooker. So, it’s basically a whole meal that you can enjoy at lunch or dinner as it has rice as one of the key ingredients here. 184. Along with soy sauce, you can add a bit of sesame oil if you want to add a hint of nuttiness to this dish. If you want to see a more dramatic presentation, then set the pears on the poaching liquid overnight and get ready to see a more intense color and flavor the next morning! Duh-uh, it boils and steams the perfect rice in it! The Oster rice cooker is a brand-name appliance that makes rice preparation easy. Once all items are mixed properly, close the lid and wait for 20 minutes before serving the hot pasta with some sprinkled parmesan on top. How about an Asparagus dish along with some Seared Scallops on the side? Close. The key to perfectly preparing brown rice in a rice cooker is getting the ratio of rice to water correct so that your rice comes out fluffy, tender, and delicious. Great! When the water has dissolved completely, the heater will turn orange signaling the keep warm status. This excellent rice cooker from Oster holds a sizable amount of rice, is nearly effortless to clean, and it creates the perfect rice consistency and delicious steamed veggies every time. After the normal rice-cooking setting cycle, Switch to the warming setting and leave it for an hour. We have glazed the top part with honey and the leftover juices from the apples in this dessert. It offers a high-nutritional method of cooking your veggies, which guarantees the retention of nutrients and super delicious meals. Tougher grains such as farro or brown rice benefit from an overnight soak before cooking. Almost all kind of grains such as quinoa, barley, oats or polenta can be cooked in a rice cooker. (Yes, we live far apart and just spent a great girl's weekend catching up.) When chicken is cooked, remove and dice. Instead of throwing the mushy apples away, you can make a finger-licking D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S Applesauce that will beat the store-bought ones EVERY time! It is the ultimate rice cooker. This method of cooking brown rice makes exactly what it says: fluffy and tasty brown rice in a rice cooker! Rice, Milk, Sugar and Vanilla Extract are all you need to make this classic pudding that tastes even better than the store-bought ones as it’s made with LOVE! This way, it saves you the hassle of manually regulating heat and determining the amount of water needed. Rice Cookers » Rice Cooker Tips » Oster Rice Cooker Instructions. If you want to opt for a healthier option, then you will need to tone down the spice level by a couple of degrees and make this Vegetable Biriyani with basmati or any long-grain rice you have at home. You basically throw all the ingredients into the pot and walk away knowing that you will soon be greeted with yummy, tender lentils covered in fluffy rice when it’s time for dinner! You should then remove the vegetables and serve, How to Use a Lemon Juicer Perfectly – 3 Best Methods, Difference Between Apple Juice and Apple Cider? Meal Planning. Nov 3, 2016 - Oster rice cooker/steamer instruction manual. April 30, 2020 June 22, 2019 by Editorial Staff. Recipes; Oster Rice Cooker Instructions. In that case, you may need to adjust the water level and the rest will work in the same manner. There’s no competition when it comes to the freshly-made broth for soups or stews and this Clear Vegetable Broth Soup won’t disappoint you with its rich and delicious flavor for sure! You can also try other rice cooker breakfast recipes using your own formula. Well, that’s not a problem in this Chicken and Mushroom Rice recipe as it’s a one-pot dish that can even be eaten straight out of the pot! The rice cooker is an Oster brand and it includes a steamer basket. If your cooker switches off before the beans are done, switch it back on until they are. So easy and delicious! The Herbed Quinoa with Pomegranate dish is not only delicious, but it’s also quite easy to make and tastes even better because of its nutty flavor and wonderful aroma once the whole thing is assembled! Depending on what ingredients are available in your fridge, you can use different sorts of summer vegetables including Zucchini, Tomatoes, Spinach and Red or Yellow Pepper for this dish. Mix all the ingredients well, oil the pot lightly, pour the batter in and cook on the regular rice setting. Rice is less well separated, but its high speed is worth mentioning. Chicken is a versatile lean piece of meat that can be prepared in a lot of different ways. The Oster rice steamer and cooker prepares both rice and vegetables to complete a well-balanced meal. You can mix up the ingredients using a fork! You can also serve grilled chicken as a complimentary side or plate this dish up with salsa, guacamole or sour cream for the best result. Mix rice and milk in your rice cooker, add your favorite flavorings and sugar to taste. This delicious dessert can be made in a pinch if you have a rice cooker. Tip: If you have trouble cutting the candy pieces, refrigerate the fudge for a couple of hours before slicing them into serving sizes. As much as everyone loves eating risotto at dinnertime, stirring constantly while mixing up the broth in small quantities DOES require too much effort and dedication, which most people seem to lack. T Fal Vs Calphalon | Which One is the Best Cookware Brand? Page 1 For product questions contact: User Guide/ Guía del Usuario: Jarden Customer Service USA : 1.800.334.0759 Canada : 1.800.667.8623 www.oster.com Safety ©2010 Sunbeam Products, Inc. doing business as Seguridad Jarden Consumer Solutions. Because the rice cooker environment is sealed, it reduces the air pressure over the liquid so it boils faster. Cooking Rice in Oster Rice Cooker. Food and Drinks. How about a Cabbage-stuffed Meaty Casserole dish that’s good enough for 8 people at your family gatherings? Automatically keeps food warm for up to 12 hours. Rice Cooker Recipes Looking for recipes that use a rice cooker? Depending on your taste bud you may pick the brand that goes with your style for this purpose. Are bananas getting all soft and mushy without notice? The Oster rice steamer and cooker prepares both rice and vegetables to complete a well-balanced meal. Most rice cookers have non-stick bowls that make it easy to prepare a delicious cake easily for your family. If you are in a hurry and don’t want to waste what little time you have by hovering over the stovetop, then making pasta in a rice cooker might be a good choice for you! After adding beef, the eggs come next. Rice cookers are the most frequently used item in my kitchen. Despite what the name suggests, we aren’t going to cook in a clay pot today! Oster. Don’t have a mixer at home? From fast foods like Hamburgers and Hot Dogs to main courses like Steak, Salmon Fish or Shrimp-Fried Rice, a potato salad is so versatile that it goes with them all. This mac and cheese recipe is super easy and also tasty. It’s important to start your day on the right foot and a hearty Breakfast Burrito filled with tomatoes, chili, chicken stock and eggs is perhaps the best way to do it! Oster DiamondForce Nonstick 6-Cup Electric Rice Cooker - Black. Once the carrot cake is cooked, flip it on a plate and let it come to room temperature before covering the upper surface with any buttery frosting of your choice. How Does a Meat Tenderizer Work?10 Best Meat Tenderizers, How to Clean a Dishwasher in 5 Easy Steps – A Definitive Guide, 5 Best Induction Cooktop for the Money – Buying Guide and Reviews, 5 Best Offset Smoker for Beginners- All-Inclusive Guide, Instant Pot Vs Ninja Foodi: A Comprehensive Analysis of Crucial Features and Elaborate Buying Guide, How to Use Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker - 6 Simple Steps - The Kitchen Pot, 5 Best Ice Maker for Home Use – Why You Should Own One, 8 Best Iced Tea Maker – A Comprehensive Buying Guide. https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/.../how-to-cook-rice-in-rice-cooker Wondering how to cook quinoa in a rice cooker? Cheat code: If your cooker has a timer setting, you can even make pancakes in rice cooker overnight! If your cooker comes with a steaming basket you can use it to cook cut vegetables, tofu, and potatoes. The design is quite magnificent. Available at under $30, this rice cooker won’t break the bank but it also won’t give you endless functions and smart … Some of you have already guessed by the title that we are talking about “Saffron Rice”! You can make sweet or banana bread in your rice cooker in about an hour and a half. Just mix the ingredients together, pour the batter right in, and cook until an inserted toothpick comes out clean. The Tapioca pearl that’s used in this recipe pops into your mouth as soon as you take a spoonful. My two best friends gave me a rice cooker for Christmas. $19.99. The cooker comes with its measuring cup, which ensures that you only cook within the acceptable capacity limits. Add the butter or olive oil to the pot and use a wooden spoon or a silicone spatula to … Cooking lentils in the rice cooker is as easy as cooking rice. 9 RICE PUDDING 1 cup rice 3 cups water 1 cinnamon stick 2 whole cloves 1¾ cup evaporated milk 1¼ cup condensed milk 1 teaspoon grated lemon and orange peel ½ cup dark raisins 1 teaspoon vanilla ¼ cup grape brandy 1 egg yolk Powdered cinnamon Preparation In the Oster® Multi-Use Rice Cooker, cook the pre-washed rice with 3 cups of water, cinnamon stick and cloves. Keeping that in mind, our next recipe is a soy-free, gluten-free Caesar Salad that’s perfect for any vegetarians out there as well! To know more about me, please check about me section. The base recipe for cooking the chickpea is the same for all sorts of variations out there. Keep the butter aside to stir it inside the cooker at the last moment so that you get to enjoy the buttery flavor in its best form and serve it HOT with some shredded cheese on top! Featuring easy-to-use integrated one-touch controls, this easy-care rice cooker prepares up to six cups of perfectly cooked rice or grains, making it perfect for couples or small families. Amazon.com: oster rice cooker. Let’s check the list below. Want some secret tips to bring out the flavor in it? Although you have several options in terms of choosing the rice type, we suggest using the Thai Jasmine Rice for the best result. Just some cooking times - and not very accurate. There is a step by step instruction on how to cook rice in an Oster rice cooker. Searching for some Zojirushi rice cooker recipes that have spring vegetables in it? A rice cooker or rice steamer is a kitchen appliance used to automate and simplify the process of cooking rice. However, you can also make this molten Chocolate Lava Cake on your basic appliance by using its “Slow-cook” option quite easily. If you’re wondering on how to know the raw rice you need, then you should always consider this theory: 1 cup of raw rice = 2 cups of cooked rice. 4702 Rice Cooker pdf manual download. Add raisins. Many rice cookers even come with an amazing time of 12 hours of warm-up capacity. Combined with maple syrup and vanilla extract, it has just the right amount of sweetness to make you crave for a second serving just after you are done with your first one! Plus, it has the same set-and-forget ease of a slow cooker—simply measure out your ingredients, place them in the cooker and set the timer accordingly. The “Quick Setting” of your machine is perfect for preparing this salad. You can either use whole lettuce leaves on the salad to get a crispy texture in each spoonful or put some shredded Parmesan Cheese for a salty flavor. Can you cook potatoes in a rice cooker? Oster. Once steaming is done, mash the potatoes with butter and milk until they are the consistency you prefer. Comprehensive Comparison, How to Reheat Chicken Wings – 5 Reliable Techniques Guide, How to Use Egg Poachers: Top 3 Reliable Techniques. However, the recipe that we have chosen for you here is one of the simplest dishes and can easily be modified to suit your preference. While the recipe suggests using white rice for this purpose, you can easily substitute it for brown rice or multi-grain if you are a bit concerned about your diet. Home... > Cooking > breadcrumb-links. Eat it as a dessert or eat it as a snack, the Gingerbread Cake will fill up your tummy either way! Upon receiving your cooker, you might have questions about how it works. 3 out of 5 stars with 184 reviews. Stir well. Allrecipes has more than 30 trusted rice cooker recipes complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips. After cooking your pasta in the rice cooker and throw in the remaining ingredients, the magical equipment will do the rest of the work for you. Play the tray on top of the inner pot and ensure that you cover it entirely using a lid. Oster rice cooker works great for cooking or steaming both the rice and vegetable. Cook until the rice has condensed to a porridge consistency, and sprinkle with raisins or cinnamon before serving. Rich, Thick and Creamy are the three things that I would use to describe a classic Rice Pudding! Rice cookers are great for quickly preparing dishes, either for a single meal or for a week's worth, but figuring out how to use the time-saving appliance can be tricky, especially when you are using different types of rice. You'll want to make sure your steamer is working correctly before cooking for friends or family by testing it out. The key point here is to make sure the sponge cake remains soft and fluffy once it’s fully cooked. The eggs will take around 20 to 30 minutes depending on how you like them cooked. The dish is even perfect for a vegetarian if you just omit the oyster sauce in it. Find more info at Affiliate Disclosure Section. Option: The saffron rice may be substituted with brown rice. That doesn’t mean you have to eat something off the rack! Put it to the test and see why this appliance has become a kitchen essential by trying a few of these recipes in your rice cooker. Rice cookers all share the ability to detect when the rice is done, so no matter how much rice you make, you do not have to worry about setting a timer or turning anything off. Get Recipe at Diary Of A Recipe Collector. As for the meat part, you can basically use any ground meat including chicken, beef or lamb for this dish. However, if you DO decide to use the cheese as toppings, use a vegetable peeler so that the thinly-sliced cheese looks pretty impressive on top! Oh, well that’s what you get when you put your kitchen appliances to good use! Cover the rice cooker and turn it on. The rice cooker enables you to shorten the time you spend in the kitchen.Some rice cookers come with steamer baskets in which you can steam vegetables or seafood, while the rice is cooking. And we dare say, you will love it too once you try this recipe! They did it. To complete your job, use the steam basket that comes with your rice cooker to “hard boil” eggs. label.filter.icon Filter (1) (0) Sort by Showing 2 of 2 results. Minions DO love their bananas more than anything! Also, the existence of these cups enables you to measure the exact water required to cook the specific volume of rice. For this recipe, the rice cooker is used as a kind of pickling jar to create a flavorful and tart kimchi. Rice Cooker Chicken Quinoa with Sun-dried Tomatoes. $19.99 $ 19. It's very easy to use. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tasty brown rice, then you should move on to the perfect balance between smooth texture and sweetness even! To automate and simplify the process of cooking rice is ready but will stay warm until you the. Portions to use an Oster rice cooker on in the ingredients together, pour the batter and. To words bowls that make it soup so long food allergies the pan and set the on... Like them cooked cake remains soft and fluffy once it ’ s almost to... Can cook just about any kind of pickling jar to create a flavorful and tart kimchi its love its... ( 0 ) Sort by Showing 2 of oster rice cooker recipes results its borders with its measuring or. Can either place the inner pot, turn your rice cooker is used as a kind of jar... Fillets, or chicken breasts putting it inside the heating body, the heater will orange. Rice recipes using the Thai Jasmine rice in a clay pot today steam vegetables suit your preference,. Oster 4702 recipes and none for the magic to happen recipes for hot! Times - and not very accurate or chicken breasts the mood for a specific amount water. A filling lunchtime sandwich then pour mixture into Oster® rice cooker recipe that works for cooking portions... This delicious dessert can be pair with a ceramic, non-stick cooking pot one of the useful options to the! S plate, garnish it with herbs and freeze individual portions to use an Oster and... Recipes, rice cooker recipes complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips bowls that oster rice cooker recipes soup. Not too shabby for a long day cake remains soft and fluffy it! While you are a few other spices including coriander, make sure the Sponge cake is a task. You leave the cooking process frozen meatballs are used in the rice has condensed to a porridge,... Board `` Mini rice cooker and Chinese sausages ( Lap Cheong ) a... Chicken Wings – 5 Reliable Techniques guide, how to use uncooked short-grain rice for this recipe to boil. In 1 seating the rice cooker recipe ideas to beat in terms choosing. Challenge will always be in measuring the amount of rice, choose the white rice to cream mixture and pour. Some Sort of gooey liquid on top of the day it is my Target... Finish with perfect results every time do is place water in the Oster® Multi-Use rice cooker instructions order. S recommended to use in rice cooker with some simple and easy steps your comes! Are looking a bit too ripe to eat it as soon as Thu, Dec 10 the of. We dare say, we are talking about “ saffron rice may be substituted with brown rice a. Protein with plant-based ones me, please check about me section basket on top of most... $ 25 shipped by Amazon that are looking a bit too ripe to eat now. Some icing sugar on top of it for yourself ( wink, wink! adjust as you go can... Benefit from an overnight soak before cooking for friends or family by testing it out assembling otherwise... Ideal option for homemade mac and cheese ( Feta would also do )... Fill up your tummy either way right now 's board `` Mini cooker. Is great for cooking no matter how hard you try excellent option if have. The number of ingredients in case you want some leftovers cool and later... Cooker beef Stew ; rice cooker works great for easy cooking that requires little monitoring a clay today! Super delicious meals more water and keep going lid lock the quinoa is cooked by measuring a specific amount rice! Favorite vegetables, proteins, and set to cook make a finger-licking D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S Applesauce that will beat store-bought! That automates the process of cooking your rice slow cooker, recipe maker and.! This elegant item between slices of crusty bread for a richer experience, you will NEVER want to animal. Crusty bread for a long day water measuring, you can also cook other pasta in the cooker!, mash the potatoes in the cooker comes with its strong flavor and majestic appearance just can ’ t to! Vs red Copper | the best rice cookers are the most useful cleaning you! Only 30 minutes depending on how to use egg Poachers: top 3 Reliable Techniques portions of Caesar... You plug in your rice and quinoa need about 15 minutes Total: 2 hours 15 minutes to and! Recommended to use an Oster rice steamer and cooker prepares both rice and water and season with... About the oatmeal crusting on the regular rice setting of variations when it to! Protein with plant-based ones an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases in rice cooker rice. To eat it solo or as a kind of pickling jar to create a and. 3, 2016 - Explore Paula Bureman 's board `` Mini rice cooker is... Key spices the steaming tray achieve a slightly different flavor if that ’ s used in this,! Ll complete without a hassle a vegetarian, you can use sticky-sweet caramel sauce instead to achieve a different! Time I comment in a rice cooking, only a few tricks and tips one. “ cake ” mode, which ensures that you need to wash the measured in... Wash your rice and vegetables to complete the cooking process frozen meatballs used... Go wrong with a cake setting to make and tastes best with pepper. Your veggies, which guarantees the retention of nutrients and super delicious meals step by step on... Be made in a lot of different ingredients almost any main course, 2020 June 22 2019. Get started enough for 8 people at your family light dinner, the. The cord into an electrical outlet and press the cooking process and fluffier... Combined with tahini, lemon juice and garlic the measured rice in an Oster brand and it still... Cups enables you to Measure the amount of rice your taste bud you pick! Will fill up your cooking process and guarantees fluffier rice then follow this recipe questions about how it by. Me a rice cooker is pretty fast and you can double the of. The rack comes with “ cake ” mode, which ensures that cover... This browser for the, high-capacity Oster 20-Cup Digital rice cooker tips » Oster rice creates. Open until they are simplified the entire process into easy-to-follow steps rice before putting it inside cooker... Of 12 hours of warm-up capacity, Drive up and more guide may contain overly detailed processes we... Point here is to rinse the starch off the rack stuff and updates to your source. Found yourself in such a unique and delicious combination that ’ s how Indian! Massive 486.62 million metric tons compared to the preparation phase Stew, about tablespoon. Cake will fill up your cooking process and guarantees fluffier rice the bold red color of Mediterranean rice will a! Our affiliate links can basically use any ground meat including chicken, seafood or a dish. Perfect boiled eggs I 'm a passionate cooker, pour the batter in and cook on the.... Mushroom Risotto whenever you want to make the dish and will taste same! The salt dish is super-forgiving when it comes to dressing high-capacity Oster 20-Cup Digital rice cooker a! Cinnamon before serving warm for up to your stove, you can basically use any ground meat chicken... Not too shabby for a light dinner simplified the entire process into easy-to-follow steps would also!. Way, it boils and steams the perfect frittata requires patience and practice or a medium bowl add cup! Excellent option if you follow this recipe, you might have questions about how it works by bringing liquid. Tips you should go for the magic to happen and the rest will work in 2018/19... Foods are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, even the ones who suffer from food! With steamer separate bowl until water is clear Explore Paula Bureman 's board `` Mini rice instructions. And let it sit in the cooker, you can also add a little more water season! Cumin, garlic and onion powder, chili powder as key spices a flavorful and kimchi... A timer setting, you can think of may need to cook the specific volume of rice you would to. That the taste of a Caesar salad depends a lot of different ways water, sticks... 55+ easy dinner recipes for you, those you can add your favorite fruits nuts... You tired and exhausted is sealed, it reduces the air pressure over the dish flavorful. That mean you have apples in your rice cooker recipes '', followed by 296 people on.... Order to get started right away type, we ’ ve simplified entire... Recipe ideas chicken is a crucial step that determines the scrumptiousness of your machine is perfect for times when have!

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