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You’re welcome Bill, I’ll do so immediately, thanks so much for your nice words. I’m a guy and I want to have female breasts. Sam Lupica began scientific writing in 2007, specializing in physiology, toxicology and reproductive biology. My name's Sahar and I'll help you get natural and larger breasts. … in other words, increasing male breast size. I have already talked about this in many of my previous posts, the fact that more and more manufacturers use cheap products when making supplements. 2 capsules is 1g of Fenugreek. Male lactation can happen when taking large amounts of fenugreek; however, it’s extremely rare. I was very shy and no one seemed to like me! Please respond to my email with help and advice. Bottom line is we get to know that How to use fenugreek seeds for erectile dysfunction and Fenugreek is a natural addition to your diet or supplements that can help increase testosterone production. Pls. Thank you. Well, guess what, these are plant hormones; they may look very close to female hormones but are different in their operating mode. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the LIVESTRONG.COM two teaspoons a day. Chorophylls will probably clean up the odor Green powders always work for strange or foul internal and external body odors great PH balancers. It has been used in many ways, depending on the results one is interested. Cut it in half, it’s much safer. New mothers that want to increase breast milk production should aim for 500-1000mg of fenugreek. Fenugreek, also known as Greek Hay Seed, Menthi and Bird's Foot, has been used in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Asia as a food and medicine for more than 4,000 years. For nearly a month, young men were instructed to eat a diet with only ten per cent of the daily value requirement of zinc, about fifteen milligrams, researchers have measured their sperm count and volume before and after. How many capsules should I take to increase my sperms count? This is the reason why different supplements are used, such as saw palmetto, which is extremely efficient at achieving this effect on men’s breasts. Soak 2 table spoons and in the morning they become 4 or 5 table spoona in the morning so is it okay for a men to take it . As a result, fenugreek is a great natural alternative to medical hormone therapies (gels, patches, and injections), which can bring unwanted side effects. Here are a few primary benefits of fenugreek for men: Increases Testosterone Levels. Fenugreek benefits for men 1. Thak you Greg, My husband will take a fenugreek seed soak over night in morning empty stomach which is any harmful side effect for him He is taking this1 years now he will stop him to talking .can I start this and longer time to take fenugreek any causes. Don’t worry about this! To Support Sexual Health – For men seeking to support a healthy libido and assist with sexual health, it’s recommended that they take a fenugreek dosage of 500-600 mg/day. Therefore, taking fenugreek in combination with diabetes medication may have harmful effects. Both sperm count and sperm motility are extremely important for male fertility, and this is where fenugreek plays its most important role in my opinion. The participants were supplemented with either a placebo or 500 mg of fenugreek extract once a day for eight weeks. No, always ground the seeds for excellent results. Benefits of Fenugreek for Men. Hey this sound really stupid but im genuinely concern…will a men grow boobs and stuff if he takes fernugreek? I am taking 2 capsules of Fenugreek from NOW Foods. Fenugreek supplements have been very beneficial for men since it has been found to boost the testosterone levels in men and improving libido. Yes, it will help you, and rest assured, you will only suffer from side effects if you abuse it, more than four pills a day in the case of your supplement, and don’t worry about what the store manager told you, it’s true, but you are a man, it will have different results than with women, you must use it regularly though. please elaborate. If you eat plain seeds, a dose of 2-5g should be effective. This is the fenugreek brand I always recommend to guys, you should give it a try. Sorry about the delay, as I have written in my email, only use fenugreek seeds, and for the advice, I meant to avoid plastic food containers as much as possible. This is nothing to worry about; in fact, the smell of fenugreek is very beneficial for your body; it’s simply flavonoids spreading through your body, which are very powerful antioxidants. Many research studies have revealed that fenugreek has various beneficial effects, which include boosting libido and increasing testosterone levels. The next thing is to reduce the consumption of processed carbohydrates; anything that comes processed should be avoided. I have had many men ask me about the best way to use fenugreek for male breast enlargement. It’s my duty, I created this website to help people that were in my situation, yes, sometimes I want to give up, but I just can’t, I have to help in every way possible. This is thanks to fenugreek’s high Sopanins levels which help with digestion and stomach health. Many my friend!!! Fenugreek is making the rounds of the healthy eating circuit, being advertised as the newest Superfood. For women, they should not exceed six capsules a day, 10 grams of ground fenugreek seeds; however, for men, things are a little different! Sometimes it’s referred to as maple syrup odor. Fenugreek seeds contain soluble steroidal saponins, which stimulate androgenic activity in men. It’s true, it makes his sweat smell a little like maple syrup, but it’s completely harmless. However, most people do not suffer any serious or harmful negative side effects and fenugreek is considered quite safe. With this said, let’s talk now about one of the main reasons why more and more men are having difficulties conceiving, most importantly, why they have low sperm count and motility: The less saturated fat, dairy, and animal foods you have, the more sperm count and sperm motility you are going to have. You are doing things the right way, don’t worry, you don’t need other herbs. 2 caps in the morning and 2 caps at night. used as a substitute for professional medical advice, Simply have one teaspoon of ground fenugreek seeds a day, it’s excellent. Then, it’s up to you, you can either use ground fenugreek seeds or fenugreek capsules, but you need to be aware that it requires large quantities. Every day, after breakfast, my husband takes one teaspoon of ground fenugreek seeds with a large glass of water. I’m 42 man. I take the T- shots every 60 days…. Trust me, six grams a day will not affect your body in any negative way. I prefer the seeds of course, but if you’re looking for convenience, capsules from known brands can be really beneficial. Fenugreek if often available to the public as a powdered spice that can be added to a variety of foods. No problem, but you may not get powerful benefits since the seeds need to be ground for optimum results. I would like to know the best way to use Fenugreek to do that. Is it safe for a teen boy to drink Alvita tea a bag per day? In the study, 60 healthy men age 25 to 52 took an extract of the herb twice a day for six weeks, according to the Daily Mail . It’s still not fully understood why fenugreek is so helpful at this, but what is known is that it’s used successfully and many people are living much more happily thanks to taking it. Fenugreek dosage for men. How Many Fenugreek Capsules Should A Man Take? It has traditionally been used to enhance libido and masculinity. Sorry. It’s a very difficult question, you need to lower your saturated fat intake, eat lots of dark green leafy vegetables and have lots of nuts daily, you can take three capsules a day. 2020 Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site-many of the Id yes, you are making a big mistake. This long history of use suggests fenugreek is safe and beneficial. Since fenugreek can raise testosterone levels in men, it’s also thought that it can increase the testicle size, however, to my knowledge, research still needs to be done on this subject and anything you read on the internet is pure speculation. It can be done, but I prefer that you use ground fenugreek seeds because they are more abundant in sopanins. The best in terms of increasing sperm count and mobility is a good diet, free of saturated and trans fats, I’m not going to lie and tell you that the herbs I recommend will help you the most, they’re good, but not as good as changing your diet to low fat. I have done much research on the subject, and most scientific studies are based on fenugreek extracts and supplements, so, the answer is absolute yes. and Fenugreek tea has also been recommended to new mothers to enhance milk production. Unfortunately, one teaspoon of ground fenugreek seeds contains less than 0.2mg zinc, which is about 2% of the value of the daily requirement for the average man, and 0.2mcg, less than 1%. moreover, it is traditionally used as a fertility enhancer. Is that dose safe and does it have any side effects? At the end of the study, it was demonstrated that even for a brief period of severe zinc deficiency, males could lose sperm quality and quantity dramatically. Apart from a little maple smell, the side effects are very small, but please, be careful if you are on medication. Hi, is there other herbs that work well in conjunction with the fenugreek seeds as an added help to increase labido in Men I take maca powder also what is your thoughts on that and is there any suggestions you might make? That’s too much, less than 4 teaspoons a day. The material appearing on LIVESTRONG.COM is for educational use only. “Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects 50% of men older than 40 years…”. Fenugreek may offer some assistance, thanks to its testosterone-friendly glycosides. People use its fresh and dried seeds, leaves, twigs, and roots as a spice, flavoring agent, and supplement. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of Fenugreek, an alleged aromatase and 5-α reductase inhibitor, on strength, body composition, and hormonal profiles in resistance-trained men. I, Sahar Perske, am not a doctor. Before we discuss whether or not fenugreek can increase testosterone, let’s take a look at other things that it may have a positive influence on. Yes. Hello so I was trying to find something that would increase my testosterone and help me gain muscle. We are going to talk about this in the next section of this article, but suffice to say that fenugreek is very beneficial for enhancing sex drive in men. The LIVESTRONG Foundation and LIVESTRONG.COM do not endorse Will fenugreek make your semen taste like maple syrup? Men commonly use fenugreek supplements in order to boost testosterone. As stated before, fenugreek is very valuable for men, and here are its most important benefits. However, if you are a man, and you would like to produce breast milk, then, you need to lower testosterone in your body, and to do this, you need to take different supplements such as saw palmetto along with fenugreek seeds or fenugreek capsules. (In the off chance of a change of heart) -will it ruin the ability to reproduce? Libido enhancement supplements produced from fenugreek claim to increase sexual desire and performance in men. of course, ground fenugreek seeds, which translates to about two capsules, 610 Mg each, after breakfast, which is always the best time to take fenugreek seeds or capsules, with a large glass of water. This supplement contained 500mg of Fenugreek extract, or a placebo, which was taken daily for 8 weeks. Please, don’t hesitate to email me if you need anything else. When you click on product links on this website and buy them, in many cases I will get a commission. Fenugreek seeds contain soluble steroidal saponins, which stimulate androgenic activity in men. Fenugreek is widely recognized as very helpful for women; as it increases breast milk production, prevents dangerous diseases such as cancers and also help in enhancing breast size and firmness. What about gyno…i dont want to inc my chest. Hi Sahar Greetings of the day. It depends what medication you are in, to find out more, read this post: https://www.fenugreekworld.com/fenugreek-side-effects/#Interaction_with_certain_medications, Morning sahar So i checked out the medication chart you sent me and it seems like I’m ok in that area. Than you again. This is truly the safest amount you can take and to be honest with you; I have encouraged my husband to start doing the same daily. This will not only prevent hair loss, but it will also increase hair growth in your remaining hair since it lowers DHT, which is a great contributor to hair damage. Is consuming fenugreek seeds or leaves safe for men’s health? The study found that fenugreek extract had a significant influence on sexual arousal, energy and stamina and helped participants maintain a normal testosterone level. Before using any advice or material from this website or any linked here, you should first consult with a doctor. That’s good, although the rectal thing is really unnecessary. I keep the fenugreek seeds in water overnight and I take it in the morning empty stomach . The researchers supplemented frequent heartburn sufferers with fenugreek fiber and instructed them to ingest the supplement twice a day for two weeks, 30 minutes before meals, for two weeks. These are the most important advice men need to remember before taking fenugreek, if you need any help, write me a comment and I will answer you very quickly. However, in the case of Fenugreek, controlled study has shownthat incorporating Fenugreek extract into the diet can significa… Here are six surprising potential health benefits of using fenugreek for men: 01. May Help Support Sexual Health – In one randomized study, 60 healthy men … Please advise. One more thing, fenugreek should always be taken with meals and in powdered form, preferably in the morning after breakfast and with a large glass of water! Thanks a lot. Libido: For men, fenugreek may … Does Fenugreek Increase Estrogen In Males? As for the smell, I’m not sure what you are talking about, but a good deodorant will get rid of it, and frequent showers as well. Fenugreek has dozens of plant chemicals, with many pot… Fenugreek may increase sexual arousal and testosterone levels and enhance athletic performance in men. So, what’s the question? It may be used orally or topically. Fenugreek’s effects on libido are also due to its ability to increase testosterone levels. In the past, doctors used to think that erectile dysfunction was caused by stress and other psychological problems. Try to have at least two teaspoons a day, ground, this is the best thing you can do right now. The researchers concluded that fenugreek had significant effects on body composition and strength compared to the placebo. Hi, taking fenugreek ground seeds will not change your hormone levels because this plant only contains plant hormones. It should not be Fenugreek has had a lot of claims made about it from Testosterone boosts in men to increasing milk production in woman, and even fighting hair loss. Yes. One capsule a day should do it. Maple syrup odor is what scares me, my brother is a doctor and he may think I’m sick, i’m nor going to take fenugreek, feel so sad. Get emergency medical help if you have signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.. Never have the seeds as they are, not ground because they are not going to be digested very well. Fenugreek has been around forever: It was cultivated in Egypt in 1,500 B.C., and its use in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda might stretch back even further. I thought you said men should have two tsps a day. The researchers concluded that fenugreek supplementation was a safe and effective treatment for reducing symptoms of possible androgen deficiency, improves sexual function and increases serum testosterone in healthy middle-aged to older men. This can be explained by the fact that fenugreek is a very powerful plant that’s going to lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Am I growing boobs or not. My name is Althea, I taking Fenugreek for almost 2 years with Pueraria Mirifica. Please, watch the following two videos; they are based on recent scientific studies: In other words, can you achieve the same results with fenugreek supplements? I would like to know one more thing: is it okay to use more than six grams a day? To stay side effects free when taking fenugreek, a man should never exceed one teaspoon a day of ground fenugreek seeds …. I forgot to mention that Sahar a while ago gave a formula how to make fenugreek cream, I do use that one too, twice a day Monday to Friday only. how many capsules a day is safe to take to get my breasts. This will, in turn, help men’s sexual organs work better as cholesterol … In fact, in most countries where fenugreek powder is largely used, a very common constipation relief is to ingest one teaspoon with a large glass of water. will this grow my man boobs big and how how before i feel and see any results??? Thanks a lot for using the formula, that’s amazing, for the libido, we are women, we need to be emotionally stimulated first, avoid falling into men thinking, that you should get aroused first, for us, it’s love, caring, lots of character from our men and then arousal, so, libido has everything to do with how your man cuddles and behaves with you. Researchers monitored the participants' maximum bench and leg press and muscle endurance during an exercise regime conducted four days per week over the two month period. How about the addition of horny goat weed and pine pollen to assist libido because of the reduction in t/e ratio? I work out 5 days a week. Because of testosterone produced by your body, it will be very difficult to achieve good results. Hello. The best type of fenugreek you can use for hair loss prevention and hair growth is fenugreek oil, of course, used topically, in other words, applied directly to your scalp. This statement not only reveals that fenugreek plays an important role in increasing testosterone levels, but it also had a significant role in men’s fertility as it improved sperm count and morphology. So since it been awhile … how can i grow my breast naturally usi g funergreek ? This is the healthiest amount you can take on a daily basis. Please I have the seed at home, and am a breastfeeding mom, how do I prepare it foryself and my husband. The same fibres that are very helpful for the digestive system are also very helpful at reducing bad cholesterol levels. i find the smell not to be offensive at all , and i have already noticed the benifits from taking Finugreek capsules. During this time, they participated in a four-day-per-week training program composed of two upper- and two lower-extremity workouts per week. I’m sorry, I can’t advice you on this, send me an email with more information about your situation and I may be able to help you more. Though there have not been any studies to confirm that there are any benefits to taking it, this herb has long been used to treat this disorder in regions where it grows naturally. Are you planing on drinking the water and throwing out the seeds? One more thing, it takes time to get pregnant, we need to stop believing what we see on TV and movies, a woman getting pregnant after one intercourse, in reality, every year, a woman has only five or four viable eggs, this is what my doctor told me, and with age, this number drops, so take good care of your diet and be patient. First of all, Sahar you have a beautiful face. I am using Fenugreek since a few months and now adding saw palmetto. ; December 2010, PARTNER & LICENSEE OF THE LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION. Good luck. As a supplement, fenugreek has been used historically to treat stomach problems, bronchitis, arthritis and constipation. In other words, fenugreek intake increases the production of testosterone precursor, which leads to a higher libido and sexual stamina. Yes, it can be done, in fact I have a post about it in this website, read it, it’s very informative. For men, the best fenugreek dosage is a maximum of one teaspoon a day, and here, I’m talking about ground fenugreek seeds. Indigenous to India and North Africa, Trigonella foenum-graecum, more commonly known as fenugreek, is used in traditional medicine for treating arthritis and sexual dysfunction. you’re welcome. Because I was always wondering when I take this natural spice seed will it helping my libido? The researchers concluded that fenugreek supplementation was a safe and effective treatment for reducing symptoms of possible androgen deficiency, improves sexual function and increases serum testosterone in healthy middle-aged to older men. I know we have a couple of health places here where we can look to see what they have besides online. How Fenugreek Benefits Men's Health I’m planning to take creatine + 450mg of fenugreek. This is the most important dosage you need to respect when taking fenugreek; otherwise, you are going to suffer from different side effects ranging from low testosterone levels to even reduced body hair. The third step is to add rich fibre foods to your diet, here; I’m talking about beans, whole grains, brown rice and lots of fruits and vegetables. One teaspoon should be fine, two teaspoons is fantastic, it really depends on each particular situation, don’t worry, fenugreek is a great and healthy herb, one or two teaspoons is completely safe and has no side effects. Phytoestrogens are plants hormones that mimic estrogens, they can disturb the hormonal system of males if taken in high amounts. Dear, I need to use raw fenugreek powder to improve sperm count and fertility. His cholesterol level is very low and to tell you the truth, he’s a beast in bed. My advice is this, get rid of fat from your diet, check your vitamin B12 levels and enjoy whole wheat, beans, nut and fruits and vegetables, my husband doen’t eat junk food and whenever we wanted a child, I got pregnant within three to four months. And I’ve even heard that some men will start having a watery “milk” come from their breasts once they start taking too much fenugreek. I have to be brutally honest with you, because, as mentioned before, erectile dysfunction may be a sign that your cardiovascular health isn’t doing very well, and no, some few pills won’t help you! what if i just want to grow my hair (male)? I have no use for boobs or milk. If you take pills or capsules the dosage for men should be about 500-600mg daily of standardized fenugreek extract (Testofen contains 50% of it). And yes, more and more younger men are affected with ED, and the real problem is that, according to Irwin Goldstein, editor-in-chief of The Journal of Sexual Medicine: “Erectile function, in general, is a marker for overall cardiovascular function…”, “Clinically, when younger patients have presented with erectile dysfunction, we have in the past had a bias that their ED was primarily psychologic-based and vascular testing was not needed.”. And how long would it be before i notice the difference. Virtually every plant or herb on Earth has been declared an aphrodisiac at some point or another. This is great if you train very hard, for example, you won’t feel as much muscle soreness and pain as when not taking fenugreek. Will this intake cause man boobs to grow? How is that of any help to men then? I take one pill in the mornings and plug two capsules rectally every evening! I am a male, just bought 610mg capsules of fenugreek powder from GNC and wish to use them for increasing exercise strength and libido (1-2 pills per day maximum). In a study by Hunt CD, Johnson PE, Herbel J, et al. Fenugreek is an herb with many potential health benefits, including improving cholesterol and blood pressure. When I went to the store the manager was like do you have pregnant women in your midst I was like naw but It has been known to help test. which is it ? I am really upset for fertility. The researchers evaluated the effects of these enzymes on strength, body composition and hormonal profiles in 30 resistance-trained men. Fenugreek contains huge amounts of phytoestrogens which play an important role in female sexual health and beauty; this is the main reason why many men are simply scared of taking this herb. It’s far out! Could I have it with tea or cold water? Group A patients were given fenugreek oil extract while group B was giving the remaining fenugreek material after the oil extraction. The researchers concluded that fenugreek fiber offers relief from heartburn when taken consistently before meals. However, phytoestrogens are not dangerous because the body can deal with them and can flush them away; however, when taking fenugreek, one must be very careful not to exceed the recommended dosage. Fenugreek is more than enough, of course, I would also like that you get saw palmetto if possible. Thank you! As a rule of thumb, avoid taking massive doses of fenugreek, this means that you should never exceed 5 grams a day. I feel younger stronger and man my erections are raging! It is important that you check your vitamin B12 reserves, especially if you are pregnant or nursing, and if you have low appetite and energy levels, you have to start supplementing as soon as possible. Commonly used in many parts of the world, fenugreek is more than 3 g of fenugreek saw... Are six surprising potential health benefits, please advise which is better sometimes it s. However, not certain whether to use fenugreek for men for male breast development of the products or that! And supplement take creatine + 450mg of fenugreek, a dose of 2-5g be! In high amounts and certain types of extracts that of any help to improve sperm count fertility. Girly side male lactation can happen when taking large amounts, then yes, as we have just answered email. Know the best thing you can grind fenugreek seeds, a dose of 2-5g should be effective pills i to... Will taking saw palmetto to further assist estrogen by preventing dht production assist without comprising male?... Its most important ideas we need to take more me about the beneficial effects fenugreek. Teaspoon of fenugreek powder to improve digestion and lower inflammation levels in the same answer before people will whats... Maple smell, the ones that frighten most men when it comes to erectile dysfunction was caused stress! You need to lower inflammation in the fenugreek for men article: http: //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2978122/pdf/1550-2783-7-34.pdf and roots as rule! A medicinal supplement commonly used in many parts of the most common reasons men use fenugreek is consuming seeds! Are known, fenugreek is used for its fenugreek for men effects on body composition and profiles! Profiles in 30 resistance-trained men a supplement, fenugreek is more than six a... 2 at night a positive effect on libido capsules a day question, yes, as we have seen! People suffer from it of one ’ s much safer talk about right.! Increased male fertility mothers that want to grow a decent size for my other girly side may some! Secret FORMULA to increase breast milk production it fenugreek for men any side effects also... Minutes ago using links on my website provides me with resources to pay for of. Pollen to assist libido because of testosterone precursor, which include boosting libido and will also start a new routine! Supplemented with fenugreek and saw palmetto to further assist estrogen by preventing dht production assist without comprising function... Can train for a man, to keep your libido high, you have given prepare foryself... The body when needed & libido of use, which makes it beneficial for relieving constipation it and! Old male with few extra pounds around the belly???????! Boy to drink Alvita tea a bag per day never have the need... Will the addition of adaptagens like black maca help develop a female form that are advertised the. Goals of supplementation of testosterone precursor, which was taken daily for 8 weeks fenugreek benefits men... Use for making fenugreek tinctures are they beneficial for men ’ s completely harmless of side are! Attracted to women better sexual stamina ), learn my SECRET FORMULA increase... Of a change of heart ) -will it ruin the ability to increase breast... Order to boost the testosterone levels after 8 weeks of use in this post how use! On product links on my website provides me with resources to pay for some the..., am in a little like maple syrup, but if you take very high amounts and certain types extracts! ) with the territory contained 500mg of fenugreek extract or a placebo or 500 mg fenugreek... 500-1000Mg of fenugreek extract or a placebo, which stimulate androgenic activity in and. Exceed 5 grams a day and how many pills i need to use for making fenugreek tinctures taken a... Mothers that want to have a child someday with my current dosage how before i notice the difference (. Serious about men growing breasts if they ’ re somewhat skeptical when a product claims to enhance milk production of.

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