is de repente preterite or imperfect

google_ad_client = "pub-8881148179938774"; empezaba. But each of them has different usages. Hacía mal tiempo. In General The imperfect is used in the following past situations: • Ongoing activities or habitual actions • Describing characteristics and conditions • Expressions of time, age, or state of mind • Describing circumstances The preterite is used in the following past situation: • Describing completed … De repente, _____ (despertarse). un ruido (noise) y (4. s) que un coche acababa de (just) chocar contra un árbol. Students progress at their own pace and you see a … frecuentemente. Follow chart for preterite and imperfect . Eran las 10 de la noche cuando llegó Carmen It was 10:00PM when Carmen arrived Preterite and imperfect are used together when an action (preterite) interrupts another action that is taking place (imperfect): (Suddenly, I heard the sound of a bird inside the … Preterite / Pretérito. google_ad_slot = "3482060554"; - when two or more actions took place at the same time:Mientras Angie veía televisión, WHY are these sentences preterite or imperfect? Preterite vs. Imperfect. The preterite vs. the imperfect There are two “simple” past tenses in Spanish: The “preterite” and the “imperfect”. De repente, nosotros (3. ) 15. The . Ayer_____ (yo-ir) a la tienda para comprar leche. De repente, el camarero (volvió/volvía) a nuestra mesa. Start studying BARCENAS: Preterite vs imperfect. WORDS THAT ARE A SUGGESTION FOR USING THE IMPERFECT TENSE:

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