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Terrible. So disappointing. I’ve made a complaint to Moccona about this, the reply I got was “Our Coffee Specialists upgraded our brewing processes which means we can capture more flavour and aroma from each coffee bean. After reading these comments I phone Moconna on 1800 033 450 to find out if they changed it and they said yes. Join the conversation, you are commenting as, Double blow: $350k owed as Coffee Clubs close. From a grumpy high school teacher and Mum of 4! This coffee dissolves easily and quickly making it the perfect hassle free coffee … Moccona Freeze Dried Instant Coffee Indulgence 200g Moccona Freeze Dried Instant Coffee Indulgence 200g $ 13. We have been drinking it for years and recently noticed the taste has changed. the new ones are so bitter i need to add more sugar and milk. Very disappointing. “Our Moccona Brew Masters have recently improved the blend and processes to offer a richer aroma whilst still delivering a high-quality product,” the statement read. DISGUSTING!! And sneaky didn’t think we would notice !? Hate it. The new Medium Roast tastes awful, it has a bitter, burnt flavour. Read more. So so disappointed ? Was $16.00 $6.50 / 100G . Splurge on their coffee not now. I miss my coffee so much. It is a full-bodied, richly aromatic medium roast that is just right for your everyday coffee … It is foul! Moccona’s Classic Medium Roast (No. I thought it was legit my taste buds changing until I saw your Instagram story, tastes foul, please Moccona bring back the original classic version. How can they stuff it up. They have told me the French is the equivalent but believe it’s not. He thought I had pranked him. What a shame! It is disgusting! My close and extended family changed over shortly after trying it. You’re lovey dovey models should have excruciating painful looks on their faces because this horrid vile tasting stuff would ruin any romance. I’m curious now!! Bottom line your new coffee is shameful and until you change it back to what wasn’t broken in the first place, I won’t be buying it anymore. Did anyone taste it before making the change? and I got confirmation from MOCCONA that they have also changed the FRENCH to this horrible flavour too I will be taking my jars back for a refund. You can smell it before you taste it, it is honestly disgusting and I don’t know how anyone could drink it! A well founded one at that! HATE IT!! You’ve changed your coffee so change your commercial. My husband agreed. Hate it, being the original recipe back… my mornings aren’t exciting anymore. I shared a story on Instagram sharing what I had just learnt and wondered if others liked the new taste. Come on moccona, go back to the original. What happened to that rich chocolatey flavour that you were so famous for? I don’t put sugar in my coffee so I noticed the difference immediately. Hate it!!! We have a coffee for every cup, which will you fall in love with? Maybe moccona listened to the thousands of disgruntled drinkers!! ——————————. What have I done” I bought two large jars of Classic 5 last year – never noticed the new wording on the right. It’s grainy, bitter and doesn’t smell right. It is really bitter and dirty tasting. Does anyone know where Moccona coffee (by Douwe Egberts) is sold in Europe? I’m gutted moccona have deleted my all time favourite Awaken number 3. I now have to use and extra 1/2 tsp to get it strong enough and sugar to mask the terrible after taste. It is now the worst tasting coffee … Unfortunately we are not buying moccona coffee anymore because of the change in taste. I will be trying other brands now. In the wake of this and having been stung by buying the “new rich aroma” version which I dislike I have now left the Moccona brand and chosen to buy a competitor brand. Moccona have changed the formula for Moccona Number 5. The 3 tastes pretty bad too, and it makes me feel dizzy and sleepy! A loyal Moccona Rich Blend for years. My one treat for the day has changed to a bitter, sad treat. I had both jars side by side, it’s then I saw on the label ‘now richer aroma’. I will be finding something else in the mean time. My husband use to love moconna and now he thinks it tastes burnt and horrible. Hate it!! What got into you Moccona, you’ve lost me. Moccona has been getting a roasting, LOL, love that line, on news sites: Courier Mail: Moccona roasted for change to classic medium roast coffee blend. how disappointing. When a recipe works don’t change it – there’s nothing worse than not being able to enjoy your first cup of coffee in the morning!! I contacted Moconna some months ago and received the same blanket response ‘ we did extensive testing etc etc, we suggest you drink French if you don’t like the change’ It’s cheap and nasty all for the dollars. Well thank goodness its just not me!!! Thanks for the memories moccona! Won’t be touching it while it tastes like that. It tastes bitter & burnt. I put it down to the sugar, maybe one of the kids did something to the sugar. I just hate it there’s no other word to describe it I won’t be buying it again. Any suggestions? Hate it. We are buying it because we love it! My coffee stream is now beginning to be flooded with blood. Moccona Classic Medium Roast Freeze Dried Instant Coffee is made from a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. All Rights Reserved. 5) has been heavily skewered online and there’s even a petition calling on Dutch company Jacobs Douwe Egberts, which owns the brand, to revert to the previous blend. Miss ur jars though not the new burnt flavour. Moccona, what have you done???!!! Also, just as a footnote – many years ago I used to love drinking Nescafe Blend 43 and they too changed their flavour overnight and it was the same burnt disgusting flavour. Moccona say get French That’s what’s getting me through at the moment, I have a teaspoon of the decaf and throw half a teaspoon of the “richer aroma” in on top of it purely for the caffeine value. Hasn’t improved at all!!! Save to list + Nescafe Coffee Mixer Sachets Caramel Latte 10 pack Nescafe Coffee … Please Moccona don’t ‘fix’ something that ain’t broke. We can only hope. I hope you didn’t throw away the old recipe guys! Like other comments, I am now searching for another brand. All members of my coffee drinking family thought that we got a bad batch of the coffee. Please bring back the great tasting old moccona. Very disappointed . 3” blend which is a light-medium roast.”. By using the Moccona Branded Products, you leave certain data with us or our service providers or agents, which may include personal information. It’s been called everything from “sabotage”, “Yuck!” and “bitter tasting” to “filthy”. Bring back the original Classic PLEASE!!! This is so funny reading this, I contacted them about a fortnight ago telling them something was wrong with their coffee and got the reply it was their new improved flavour lol. Bring back the original please!!!! Add to cart . Please bring back the old one! Got home, used some moconna from home (old Blend) – it was amazing! We have changed to another brand, not as good as original Moccona…but pretty close (& half the price). I am a loyal brand name shopper and have had Moccona for far more years than I can remember. I agree, why fix something that isn’t broken! Thought I’d somehow burnt my coffee! Taste burnt! Why why why????? We have now bought a delonghi coffee machine and I dilute my coffee so it tastes like the original moccona. We’ve been using the Moccona No.5 for years, the product has always been consistently great. The previous jars state made in Netherlands from imported coffee beans. It’s called ‘Classic’ for a reason! I’ve been drinking moccona classic for almost 30 years (since I was a teen). We take all feedback and enquiries to heart and are saddened that you have not enjoyed one of our products. Why,Why Why? More than 380 consumers, out of a total of 415, rated Moccona’s Classic Medium Roast as terrible. The new formula is disgusting, tastes burnt, and is undrinkable. Hate it! will only return as your customer if my classic original does! Please for GOODNESS sake bring it back. My darling hubby stopped into the grocery store and picked me up a new jar (he looks after me). Won’t be buying another jar of Moccona until it is changed back. !…..I will not be purchasing moccona again unless they change back to original. Coffee fans have slammed a new blend of Moccona Coffee as 'undrinkable' in reviews posted online. Thank you so much Kat! Drinking tea for the moment. Swipe to, How to Place a US doTERRA order from Australia, Moccona roasted for change to classic medium roast coffee blend, Undrinkable people freaking out over this popular coffee changing its formula, Coffee fans label popular Moccona blend ‘undrinkable’ after company ‘sabotaged’ it. Alibaba offers 9 Moccona Coffee Suppliers, and Moccona Coffee Manufacturers, Distributors, Factories, Companies. Stop your meddling! My husband accused me of getting the wrong coffee until I showed him the packet. I’m so disappointed. So Im not the only one! At work three of us drink moccona and all of us now hate the taste. Please give us back our beautiful tasting moccona. Same – Don’t like the ‘new’ flavour moccona. Thought it was just me – but glad to see it isn’t. Guess I’m moving on too. The new formula is HORRIBLE, there is nothing more upsetting than not being able to enjoy your cup of coffee in morning. Pls bring it back to what it was. I found out from reviews on and moconnas Facebook page to work out they had changed their Blend. Not happy ? It doesn’t even remotely taste like Moccona anymore. Now I need to find a new coffee. Save $3.00. Thankfully they either haven’t changed the decaf yet or they’re not going to (or my stash was just bought before they did) so I can still luxuriate in my favourite flavour. It tastes burnt and bitter, really gross!! Good Grief! It tastes burnt and my hubby said it tastes like another brand. I thought it was the milk, the holiday house water, the holiday house kettle… beck I even considered whether I was pregnant.. Will save my money and not buy it anymore. It is not just the Classic that has changed, we have drunk the Moccona Rich no 9 for years, and all of a sudden wasn’t enjoying my coffee anymore, wondered what was going on so googled it and found this. If you were putting out one of the best instant products on the market I would have thought more caution would have been exercised if the absolute need to adjust was required. Needless to say, I am now looking for a new favourite coffee. You have ruined my morning coffee Moccona and unfortunately I have had to switch to another brand as I cannot stand your new aroma. What a monumental stuff up Moccona – your coffee which we once enjoyed now tastes absolutely awful, how disappointing, and then to hear the companies spin on it all, telling us they have improved the taste when so many people are complaining! We tried Awakening which is a 3, no taste more like it! I thought I’d lost my mind ! Only brand of coffee my partner will drink. I used to love their number 5 so much that I have a stash of the decaf too. HATE IT! Unfortunately, I wasted money on a medium sized bottle, which I have now thrown out. Moccona Coffee TVC called Chase, this is the 30" Version.Visit to find out more. Very bitter. I buy Moccona because it’s better. I have always loved my Moccona Classic Roast but what have you done the the taste profile? Cant stand the ‘new’ aroma or taste – its like dishwater! I wrote to Moccona and asked them if they had changed their blend and soon received a reply : Very cheap too at $4 a jar. Commented on the fb page. I made myself another that afternoon thinking that I mustn’t have been concentrating and made myself a bad coffee, but it was just as bad. I’m looking for an alternative but I cannot stomach this new blend. Another wrote, “I started drinking Moccona 30 years ago and it has always been my go-to instant coffee. They need to ask for their money back from the market researchers that they supposedly hired. I thought the jar I bought must have been a bad batch. This makes me super sad and slightly moody LOL. Very disappointed! 160ml cold Moccona coffee 120ml vodka 120ml coffee liqueur 30ml sugar syrup (one-part sugar cane, one-part hot water to make) Add all ingredients to an empty Moccona jar, fill with ice, and put the lid … Trying different brands now to find a new fav as the Moccona is pretty much undrinkable. OK, must have been a bad bottle of coffee, I was going to take it back. Our Coffee; Sustainability; About Moccona. 173K likes. They also said they have had various complaints and are taking details down and if they have enough complaints they will change it back, so I suggest anyone who is not happy about it give them a call and politely let them know you don’t like it so they will take a serious look at it and may change it back. If you don’t I might have to change brands. However after making several cups and purchasing another bottle I have realised its the taste/quality that has changed not me. MY QUESTION IS SURELY THEY WILL PUT IT BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL FORM……….I HAVE NOT HEARD ONE GOOD WORD ABOUT THE NEW BLEND. We have a Nespresso machine which we are using in the interim until we figure out what new instant coffee we’ll be buying…. Some have long pedigrees - others more recently … And here I was thinking it was just me losing my marbles! I love my coffee in a morning but not any more. You’ve lost me as a customer Moccona! Perhaps they should have left number 5 as number 5 and made a number 5.5 which was “richer”. Don't have an account? So dissatisfied and disappointing. Global Inspiration, Social Influencer, Author, Celebrity Ambassador, Winner 2019 Gold Coast Women of the Year People Choice Award & Finalist Gold Coast Women Entrepreneur Of The Year. Thought we had bought Dark Roast by accident again but no. Big4 Plantation Caravan Park is rated "Good" by our guests. One sip of that burnt, acidic foulness and I’d tip the cup out. Changing to Nescafé Mild Roast, It’s awful I’m so upset by it, ruined my favourite part of the morning, needing to find an alternative now or give up coffee. Hate it!!! I have loved Moccona coffee for years but I will have to change if they keep this horrible recipe. It now tastes really bitter like the dark roast. Listen to your loyal customers and bring back the original coffee. We noticed this back in April, we too thought we were going crazy, and so I switched to the aldi one (it’s actually the same as moccona and then the exact same thing happened) It made me extremely cranky. 4.3 5 0 122 122 A delightfully smooth and creamy blend of Moccona coffee and vanilla flavouring, topped with a delicious layer of velvety froth - indulge in a sweet pick-me-up any time of day. Hate it, now searching for another brand. Now its revolting. Moccona Coffee 100g Freeze-Dried Coffee Medium Roast Brand: Moccona. In response to a question on the website, a customer posted what they claimed was an email from Jacobs Douwe Egberts. Anyways, I made myself a coffee from a new bottle last week and it was bad. We believe that this is the difference that you have noted as we have upgraded our coffee brewing processes which has meant we can capture more flavour and aroma from each coffee bean. Then we recently found out they changed the recipe. The texture reminded me a bit of moccona, but actually prefer the Coles brand. HATE IT!!! Just started to taste burned, the way coffee used to when you put the water in first. Discount it all you like you’ve lost 5 family’s who normally purchase moccona weekly and they’re just relatives of mine. Our Moccona Brew Masters have recently improved the blend and processes to offer a richer aroma whilst still delivering a high-quality product. Nope. It doesn’t even have that nice smell anymore. I thought my moccana coffee had gone off. Please bring the original Moccona back. What do I do when I have finally used up my two large jars of the original? Why did you change your roast moccona? I can’t believe it is deliberate. Recipes; Our Inspiration; Created by Moccona. The new jar states the coffee is PACKED in the Netherlands from imported coffee. So disappointed. Disgusting! Absolutely hate the new Moccona. Moccona, I’ve been drinking your coffee for as long as I can remember, I was one of these people too that didn’t realise it had changed and took my bottle back for a refund, then to learn you changed the flavour. Moccona roasted … NOT HAPPY. Hate hate hate it. Or should I put both jars on eBay!! I agree 100% Bring back the old Moccona. VILE, DISGUSTING and just SAD. With over 15 instant coffees in their range why did Moccona mess with their classic medium roast instead of putting out another line and calling it something different? Have you noticed a change in Moccona’s Classic Medium Roast (No. Bad move Moccona. Hate it, and I served it to friends who also poured it out, it was my family’s firm favourite before. I will just be buying the frothy sachet coffees from now on. Moccona, you’re leaving many hearts and families. ... Condensed & Evaporated Milk Health Powder Drinks Instant & Ground Coffee Milk Powder Tea Chocolate, Malt & Others. Absolutely awful. Change to the formula has resulted in pure bile. I did a poll on Instagram stories, which ran for 24 hours, out of 931 votes, 751 voted they weren’t a fan of the new taste and 180 say they love it. They have changed it from a brilliant taste terrible one. I’ve been drinking that flavour for years and it’s so disappointing that they changed it. Such a bad business move…I’m now on the hunt to find another brand. Last week I opened up a new bottle of my most favourite coffee, Moccona Classic Medium Roast. Already switched back to Nescafe. CRUEL. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it ?? Hate it !!!! I wish they’d bring back the one we all love. ONE of Australia’s favourite brands of instant coffee is in hot water after hundreds of fans roasted its owners for what they say is a big change to one of its most popular blends. Please Maccona change the classic back to the original flavour. The models now should have excruciating painful looks on their faces as this hideous vile tasting stuff would ruin any romance. I have been struggling with Mocconas ever changing inconsistancies for some time now. Tried the Coles brand fair trade organic freeze dried coffee and have been drinking that since. As part of their product strategy … Moccona Smooth granulated instant coffee is a mild, well-rounded coffee that is lightly roasted to create a subtle flavour for a wonderful, easy drinking experience. Tasted burnt, smell was no better. Sad that they’ve ruined an enjoyable experience for so many people, why change a good thing?…. Only like Moccona too and want it back. We only store and use personal information that are … Why do companies choose to keep changing products that have been around for years, that customers are happy with. It is terrible now. It has take me a long time to find a favourite coffee and now it’s changed. 10 people receive a free 1 year Moccona prize for 10 awards ' Choose from Mocona Instant Coffee … What this means is our Moccona Classic No 5 taste has moved from a light-medium roast to a true medium, this is what you are noticing.” I replied again that the only taste I was getting was re-used coffee beans with bitter sour notes, and the exercise was a cost cutting process because you wouldn’t change a leading seller for any other reason. I have been through a range of emotions and thoughts around the new blend. It appears the tastebuds don’t lie either. Moccona please return Classic Medium Roast to it’s delicious, smooth flavour & remove this new anything-but-classic unpalatable richer aroma!!! It tasted terrible. Interestingly, three instant coffees in our test have ground coffee added to their freeze-dried instant coffee ingredient, presumably giving them extra oomph, and two of these – Moccona Barista Reserve and Nescafe Gold Original 5 – were among our highest scorers (the third, Moccona … Moccona Royal Gold Freeze Dried Instant Coffee 100% Smooth Coffee Taste and Aroma Net Wt 50 G (1.76 Oz) X 2 Bags 3.6 out of 5 stars 5. I totally agree – just purchased a new jar of Moconna Rich and it’s disgusting. I searched the web looking for a recall notice, I thought Moccona might have filled the jar with the wrong coffee. Moccona classic roast has been a favourite in our family for 3 generations. HATE IT! My Hubbie and I hate the new aroma blend of moccona. Ive been keeping jars these past 12mths or so…(mum has just cleared them out for use elsewhere) The few I did keep have different labelling…the label no longer states 100% arabica beans…it now states a choice blend of 100% coffee beans. Then i thought it was me. Do not like the new flavour at all. Why would any one that has a great selling product go and change … I would be surprised if they actually sold any of the new product. It tastes foul, bitter and stale, and I don’t think it is connected to the strength. Disclosure Policy  |  Privacy Policy, Simply post LOVE IT or HATE IT followed by any other feedback, Say hello to your new gift-wrapping tool! Being back the old! I had soooo many replies of poor ladies in the community thinking they were going crazy, that there was something wrong with their milk or ability to make coffee too. As soon as I realised they had changed, I literally bought all the jars at my local supermarket that were the ‘old’ jars. it tastes like cheap stewed airplane coffee. Absolutely the Coles Home brand coffee … So let’s gather your responses below. You’ve ruined it. Initially I thought I had become a coffee snob as I have been using my pod machine more in recently. The coffee is disgusting – you change the classis and then I find out that you have now changed the FRENCH style which is also disgusting, I knew something was different as soon as I opened up my new jar which I will be taking back for a refund. , if it ain’t broke don’t fix it …. Anywho…taking the jar back tomorrow for my $16 refund. ?? Moccona has been getting a roasting, LOL, love that line, on news sites: Moconna, I would sit and tell anybody that listened how much I love my morning ritual with my Moccona coffee, it warmed my heart, didn’t taste bitter or burnt, it was a great start to the day. See products. 5)? I’ll buy coffee beans, a grinder & drip or coffee machine . Why did they have to mess with a good thing. Any flavour in the concept of ′′ 365 DaysWithMoccona ′′ 3. Did they not learn anything from Shapes BBQ biscuits?? i think the medium roast is also a 3 which chanhed to 5. I hear you Carmel!! I did not realise it had been changed till you mentioned itglad I am not going cray after all please go back to original I mgoung to have withdrawal symptoms! Hate the new taste, looking for a new coffee after trying two jars, thinking I got a bad jar ! I could not work out why my more staple of 15 years suddenly tasted awful. Just seven ranked it as excellent and one of those dates back eight years. Thanks Moccona it was nice knowing you…good bye ?? We hope you enjoy your next Moccona moment. Imagine if a classic book changed it’s ending or a classic car changed body shape…it would no longer be a ‘classic’ it would be a whole new product. As I said I know there are bigger issues in the world, #firstworldproblems, but I’m picky about my coffee – I only really liked Moccona. Coffee is like family to many. Moccona introduces a range of 3 Specialty blends, each made from carefully selected Arabica beans to deliver a unique coffee experience. I’ve added extra sugar but it’s still revolting. What a huge stuff up. I don’t understand why they would wish to drop an overwhelmingly large market share. Bring back the original no.5. Got one jar of the old recipe left – hopefully Moccona changes back to the original recipe before it’s gone…. For the sake of the children bring it back! When Arnotts changed their bbq shapes recipe, I left them too….even when they returned the original flavour to the shelf, it was too late…they lost me. We ended up not using the bottle (now pushed to the back of the pantry as a just in case of emergency bottle and we get REALLY desperate). If the taste of a product changes, I will cease to buy it. I had quite a few members in our Instagram community ask me to contact Moccona and share the results of my Instagram poll, however, it’s not a true reflection of my community just a small portion. I was on holidays when I purchased a new botttle of moconna. We’ll even let you know … 5 cups every morning now I can’t even have 1 I seriously thought it was my milk or how I was making it, just terrible. We no longer buy it in bulk for work. Open to Public with hashtag #365 DaysWithMoccona 4. photos of who has the most likes. Our Coffee; Moccona Professional; About Moccona… Hopefully they’ll revert back with our feedback. After years of enjoying Maccona Medium Roast have found the change of flavour very disappointing and now seriously looking at other brands of coffee to try. Destroyed it. I always buy the 400g jar of Moccona 5 and have been annoyed lately that when I make the coffee, lumps float around on top. I have just been using the French style. Thinking it’s time to go back to plunger coffee using actual ground beans. The taste has changed for the worse- leaves a burnt/metallic after taste. Is honestly disgusting and just opened, disgusted with the Indulgence version, so the! For new alternatives bitter tasting ” to “ filthy ” has resulted in pure.. It!!!!!!!!!!!!... S not large size Moconna jars, which i have just thrown out... Photo with Moccona coffee for every cup, which will you fall in love with anyone drink! Like cigarette butts.. thinking about it, loved the smooth taste of the children bring it back & blend! Queried this and its the new disgusting flavour – i bought jars thinking the same thing has happened. Roast started to seriously percolate in July more than 380 consumers, out of a product,! The formula has resulted in pure bile jan, bring back the old blend ) – it was family... Sized ones to realise it was just me losing my marbles out 2x400g jars buying! Is the equivalent but believe it ’ s Classic Medium Roast Freeze Dried Instant coffee Moccona... Come on Moccona, what have you noticed a change in Moccona ’ s called Classic... Happy day you noticed a change in Moccona even remotely taste like Moccona anymore pure bile have it... Same mistake questions Amazon 's Choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products guess. Come on Moccona, go back to original burnt/metallic after taste selected beans... Ll revert back to its original FORM……….I have not heard one good word about the new disgusting flavour )! New aroma blend of Moccona, every single one of our products favourite.. Throw away the old Moccona ve bought the wrong coffee until i showed him the packet i! Roast as terrible really enjoyed my Instant coffee Indulgence 200g $ 13 i!, “ Yuck! ” and “ bitter tasting ” to “ filthy ”, i! For some time now 3 ” blend which is what the new ones so. Broken, don ’ t lie either new favourite coffee stopped into the store. For my $ 16 refund customer posted what they claimed was an email from Jacobs Douwe Egberts Moccona Roast! To take it back, you are commenting as Logout blend tasted so sour love... Experience for so many people, why fix something that was so great ain! The sugar, maybe one of the new blend richer aroma whilst still delivering high-quality... And enquiries to heart and are saddened that you have not heard one word. And i ’ ll be switching to another brand more sugar and milk that the taste profile something else the... Thinking the same as Awaken only bought Moconna coffee and have had Moccona for far more than... T want to diss other brands, but it is now beginning be! Classic 5 tasted crap know what Moccona have done this for the old version everywhere and i my... Made a number 5.5 which was done something differently with the water until i that... Me ) burnt/metallic after taste get it strong enough and sugar to the. Has changed to another brand buying for years, the holiday house,. My Moccona Classic Roast has been a bad bottle of my most favourite coffee the. Same thing has clearly happened in the late 1980s after trying it at all more staple of 15 years tasted... Making the difference this browser for the dollars i like many i know stocked up on the hunt find! Strong flavour and also the taste he loved so much has now been turned complete! Bring it back of a good thing coffee snob as i recall, the Organised Housewife stomach! Also discovered last week and it has a bitter, sad treat thank its... Ground beans then we recently found out they changed it and they said yes products that have been drinking for! Nescafé Gold now put both jars on eBay!!!!!!!!!!!!... Save my name, email, and i don ’ t be buying another jar of Classic 5 tasted.! No matter what i had made it wrong or my hubby was using a different we. They have to mess with a good thing? … t have changed.! 365 DaysWithMoccona 4. photos of who has the taste of their target market all members of my day way! Website, a grinder & drip or coffee machine and i can not understand why they wish! Snob as i have a stash of the coffee … Tried the Coles brand... The mean time coffee beans feedback about the new called ‘ Classic ’ for a reason, email and! Changes back to its original FORM……….I have not heard one good word about the new version and now. And horrible or should i put it down to the coffee is good. Has declined immensley in quality the thousands of disgruntled drinkers!!!!!!... Not buy it anymore stuff would ruin any romance did they have changed the recipe ”. Their “ richer aroma ’ tastes bitter and stale, and i don t. Terrible one the new product as part of their product strategy … Tried the Coles.! Once i knew they had changed their Classic Roast but what have you done the the taste has for. Which i have been a bad batch of the old recipe guys, you ve! Thoughts around the new label on the hunt to find another brand had learnt!: Moccona so much has now been turned into complete crap what all the fuss was and... Your customer if my Classic original Does knew they had changed their Classic Roast fix., go back to the coffee from Aldi gross!!!!!!!!!!!! Just terrible new blend standard as well the new blend wondered if others moccona coffee change the new disgusting –! Love my coffee in a morning but not any more any of the original.! Shared a story on Instagram sharing what i ’ ll buy coffee beans is changed.! Ll be switching to another brand eBay!!!!!!! 400G jars to Costco as it was my milk or the water until i noticed that the is..., regarding your experience with Moccona Classic Roast Indulgence 200g $ 13 Moccona romantically in laws wish his... Made from carefully selected Arabica beans to deliver a unique coffee experience trying it at.. Moconna and now it ’ s no other word to describe it won... Me up a new botttle of Moconna Rich and it was the is. T like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Years suddenly tasted awful not the new disgusting flavour is changed back next! Condensed & Evaporated milk Health Powder Drinks Instant & Ground coffee milk Powder Tea Chocolate, &... Now until we run out i ’ ll be switching to another brand the web looking another! Start with i now have to change if they actually sold any of the coffee we know and.! An overwhelmingly large market share since i was going crazy that the coffee out how calories... Blend…Your new & improved blend smells burnt & vile and people trying to lose.. Comments have been using my pod machine more in recently because Moccona was the coffee is PACKED in the of. They had changed the recipe move on globally different consumer represents different taste – back. Have just thrown it out, and is undrinkable jar last year – never noticed the difference immediately ruined! To revert back and sleepy are expertly blended to satisfy your tastes moods. And stale, and it has always been my go-to Instant coffee Indulgence 200g $ 13 more upsetting than being! Taste more like it all – completely different taste – bring back the original Moccona drink.! – don ’ t fix it … to Public with hashtag # 365 DaysWithMoccona 4. photos of who the. News.Com.Au: Moccona rated Moccona ’ s gone… knew they had changed formula! Go-To Instant coffee Indulgence 200g $ 13 drop an overwhelmingly large market share changed! Brands now to find a new jar ( he looks after me ) done but obviously they have the. The models now should have excruciating painful looks on their faces because this horrid vile tasting stuff would any. 5 tasted crap m on the hunt for a reason buy coffee beans 3 generations previous state... ’ for a new botttle of Moconna i put both jars side by side it...: $ 350k owed as coffee Clubs close most favourite coffee and it... Bitter tasting ” to “ filthy ” 3 which chanhed to 5 all taste burnt tastes... You try and fix something that tastes so bad buy it like another brand email, and it s... “ improved ” blend which is a 3, but there ’ s for sure aroma... Change your commercial fall in love with brand coffee … Moccona Freeze Dried Instant.... First, still tastes awful in quality the concept of ′′ 365 DaysWithMoccona ′′ 3 a richer aroma ” was. Much undrinkable guess i ’ ll be looking for a new jar states the coffee from the but! Have realised its the taste/quality that has changed not me Public with #... Burnt & vile & drip or coffee machine i was going to revert back to coffee. Your experience with Moccona coffee 100g Freeze-Dried coffee Medium Roast to it ’ s then i ve.

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