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Some of these should relate to the topic of the text … Some possibilities for the post-listening stage include noticing new words and phrases that came up in the listening, recalling and reconstructing information from the listening, and practicing new words and phrases from. If you have a class who are generally struggling with listening work, then the more extensive that the pre-listening work is the better. Advice for Preparing for any Eventuality, Using Storyboard- a Student-Friendly Language Learning Tool, Foreign Language Teaching (FLT) at the Dawn of the 21st Century, Bringing the Dead To Life: Vocabulary Teaching with Augmented Reality, Ideas for Customizing Your One-to-One Classes with B2 Level Business Professionals, An AEC Challenge: HOTS in Teaching English, Seven Lessons for Teachers from the Film Equalizer 2, What Would you Do? It is merely checking to see if the Planning a Listening Activity 3 TESOL Connections, August 2011 students understood the passage and can use what they heard in the future. If someone bought you some clothes that you didn’t like, would you tell them? What kind of post-listening activities do you think would be most beneficial to your students? Activity Briefing – Listening - Post-listening … Ask students to compare the different versions. Post-listening Activities. At the end of each role play, the other group members should offer suggestions on how to improve the role play. Quizzing Teams – Before class, make one copy of the transcript and divide it into two parts. We reserve the right to make changes to this Cookie Policy at any time and for any reason. What kind of clothes do you wear during the summer? Read it again, and tell students to write down just the key words. Everything has been arranged into different groups to make finding the right activity for the right student even easier. After students have been writing for a few minutes, circulate and make suggestions on how they can improve their questions. Post-listening activities should aim to provide further listening practice on the same topic outside class. Get them to write them on the board and ask other students to add some of their words. Incorporating speaking, reading, writing, and listening within a lesson or within your post-listening activities is the most natural way to teach language. 2) A third character enters the conversation and interacts with Alex and Danny. comment on something they found interesting. Your Brain Has the Answer, How You Can Learn from The Politeness of Qatar, Social Psychology and ELT: Emotion and Ethics, Critical Thinking And English Language Teaching Pt. 2, Critical Thinking And English Language Teaching Pt. How to Use Europeana Collections in Your Classroom? Alex’s wife buys him a very unattractive shirt. 1. Choose a listening text that would be appropriate for your students and create a complete listening activity based on it. Why or why not? Danny has to explain why he is so sweaty. Alex’s wife goes up to Alex to ask him what is going on. Thanks for the information. People of all ages and cultural backgrounds appreciate … Here are some listening activities you can do that will get students up and moving in class. Basic Brainstorming. (Part … We’ve partnered with Suncoast Watersports so you can get out there, too. Mind map – Write the word gardens in the middle of the board, in big letters. Dictation of short passages. Now we are going to look at some examples of post-listening activities that you may be able to adapt to your own classes. Alex pretends that he really likes the shirt. Next, put students into groups of 5. We have reviews of the best places to see in St. Petersburg. Like post-reading activities, post-listening activities allow for recycling and further activation of vocabulary and structures as long as they are interesting and engaging and are carefully thought out.

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