what christmas plants are safe for cats

Christmas cactus is not only easy to care for but propagates easily too, making it an exceptional candidate for holiday gift giving. Christmas Cactus & Cat Safety. This plant is particularly toxic, to humans as well as our furry friends. In severe cases, you may spot blood in their faeces or vomit. Indoor Plants That Are Safe For Cats. CAST IRON PLANT. So keep it well away from your cat. There’s no way you can’t find one you like. An interesting plant with easy propagation tendencies, your cat will enjoy gazing upon the bright flowers. However, this usually only occurs in cats who are very young, elderly or dehydrated. They contain toxalbumin and pharatoxin viscumin, which can cause digestive and nervous issues, nausea and skin irritation. These beautiful plants with their bright red leaves are very popular at Christmas. But an Xmas tree and its decorations poses a significant hazard to cats, and all pets. The Christmas cactus blooms just in time for Christmas, making it a popular yuletide plant. Its deep red color and easy maintenance make it one of the first choices to decorate our home. What Christmas Trees and Decorations Are Safe For Cats? No need to drop any cash on a faux succulent at the hobby store; haworthia is the real thing, but almost as easy as the fake version. Having pets involves a lot of cautions, including the selection of cat safe plants. Can cat allergy be predicted before adopting, and, if so, how. This complete guide covers both safe and poisonous holiday plants for cats and dogs. If you have a real tree rather than a fake one, make sure to vacuum regularly to keep any fallen needles off the floor. Safe green plants include coleus, corn plant, dracaena and spider plant. The whole plant is toxic, so any part of it can be dangerous to your beloved feline. in dogs vomiting and diarrhea (both potentially with blood), loss of appetite and depression have been reported. Is a Christmas cactus poisonous to cats? In bad cases it can cause co-ordination problems (drowsiness, confusion, dizziness, convulsions). If you buy mistletoe for your new year celebrations, be careful to put it up securely and out of your pet's reach since this plant's berries are poisonous. The curving leaves may be a little too tempting for your kitty to avoid playing with, but your cat will be perfectly safe. However, a few potted poisonous plants are known for being highly toxic, so be sure to steer clear of succulents (especially if you have curious cats), snake plant, and oleander, which can even be toxic to young children! If you are a fan of all things Asian and enjoy this large-growing plant, you can go for the bamboo even if you do have a cat. This plant blooms beautiful red-pink flowers during the holiday season. 8. Meanwhile, the crystals found in the bulbs are severely toxic and if consumed, can cause cats to develop serious conditions such as respiratory depression or cardiac arrhythmias. There is nothing that adds colour like a bunch of fresh cut flowers around your house. This can cause colic, diarrhoea, lethargy, abdominal pain and drooling if eaten. The Christmas cactus is another common holiday plant that is naturally found in the coastal mountains of Brazil. Ingesting any part of the amaryllis plant can cause blood pressure changes, vomiting, tremors and seizures. Find out more about how you can cat-proof your Christmas tree. There are lots and lots of species of Haworthia. To put your mind at ease, we've put together a list of some plants commonly used as decorations around Christmas that could be dangerous for your pet. In addition to these traditional Christmas plants, there are many other plants that are also toxic for your pet. 10 Christmas plants that are poisonous for cats. It would be best for your cat if you got them seen by the vet within two hours of them consuming the plant. Green leaves that swing gently with a breeze can also look delectable to felines. It prefers moderate light but will grow in a wide range of conditions and will forgive you if you forget to water it. You can count on us! Lilyturf (Liriope muscari) Not to be confused with lilies (which are toxic to cats), these low-lying flowering plants hail from East Asia. If your pet manages to poison themselves despite your precautions, call your veterinarian as soon as possible. This makes it an easy care plant that will tolerate a little neglect and be relatively … If you are fed up of clearing up broken ornaments or worry about glass getting stuck in your cat's paws, switch your glass ornaments to wood, fabric or plastic instead. Amaryllis. My Christmas cactus loves its spot in our bathroom, and I love knowing that it is a cat-safe plant. Christmas Cactus. There are a few plants that are highly poisonous for cats and as you know, cats like to chew on many different things, including green plants. A very popular decorative plant at Christmas because of their pretty, brightly colored leaves, poinsettias can give cats and dogs digestive problems and irritate their skin. Below are some of the indoor plants that are safe to when in case you have cats at home. Orange or lemon peels work wonders, and these are perfectly safe for your plant. Be careful of too much water though. One of Zoë’s favourite things about freelancing is being able to work at home with her beloved tortoiseshell cat Bobby close by. The same applies for cats. Snake plants, often referred to as "mother-in-law's tongue," is well-known as one of the best plants for low light conditions, and for improving air quality - which has made it an extremely common houseplant. Because you know they'll try to eat it By Danielle Esposito. As for poinsettia or hellebore this will result in digestive and nervous problems, and possibly cardiovascular disorders. This white flower blooms in winter and often decorates homes at Christmas. Botanical Name: Tulista pumila This hardy, succulent plant, with pearl-like tubercles over its fleshy, blue-green leaves, looks stunning in any home. Give the spider plant extra consideration if you have a cat, as it's

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